80 TOP VB Dot Net Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1.  Which of the following information is contained in the assembly manifest?
2.  Any project that compiles to an EXE or DLL files produces an assembly in .NET.
3.  Which of the following is the best to retrieve Read-Only, Forward-only stream of data from database?
4.  ___________ protects system resources from unauthorized calls.
5.  Which of the following is not a method of Debug class?
6.  __________ is used to step through each line of code as it executes, including calls to other function.
7.  COMException class is a part of ________ .
8.  The methods declared with the following modifiers are not accessible out side the current VB.NET project
9.  Default properties are always a parameterized property.
10. How do you limit implicit type conversion in VB.NET?
11. Is the Class type in VB.NET a value type?
12. Choose the correct statement about a delegate in VB.NET
13. Which of the following is not the member of System.Collections?
14. Which of the following control can contain other controls?
15. Which of the following object is used by the DataAdapter to retrieve the data from database?
16. Which of the following control doesn't receive the focus and doesn't have a TabIndex property?
17. Which of the following is not true for Shared members?
18. If no access modifier is specified for a class, it is considered _________.
19. Which of the following namespaces is used to access "computer name" and its IP address in VB.NET?
20. Which of the following namespace provides support for obtaining information and dynamic creation of types at runtime?
21. The smallest unit to which one can associate a version number in .NET is
22. Lower bound value of array in VB.NET
23. Which of the following is not correct about the value types and reference types in VB.NET?
24. Which NameSpace is used to access the metadata in an Assembly?
25. What is the purpose of Invoke Method?
26. In VB.NET, the finalizer must use the Overrides keyword
27. Which one of the following collections receives output from Trace and Debug classes?
28. Using ___________ we can determine if a variable is initialized in VB.NET
29. _________ can be accessed from all types within the assembly, but not from outside the assembly.
30. How to dereference an object in VB.NET?
31. How many levels of compilation happens in .NET Framework
32. Most of the underlying integration of .NET is done through XML
33. An Assemblyinfo file in a VB.NET project will have blank as file extension.
34. Every type supported by CTS is derived from
35. Which of the following Types will have data of fixed size
36. What is the significance of Option Explicit statement when it is set to On
37. Which of the following class does not belong to Collection namespace
38. Methods declared with the following modifier are not accessible outside the class
39. The methods which return the values back to the calling code are called as
40. How do you terminate code execute with in a VB.NET method
41. How do you create a Read only Property in VB.NET
42. The constructors in VB.Net is similar to which event in previous versions of VB
43. Which interface allows to implement the Dispose method to do cleanup work
44. How do you call non shared methods of a class
45. How do we implement private interfaces
46. Where do you find COMException class
47. Which method of the XMLdocument class takes xml as string while loading
48. Which is the base class for TypedDataset
49. Which is the best to retrieve Read-Only, Forward-only stream of data from database
50. The DataAdapter uses which of the following object to retrieve the data from database
51. Which of the method is used to display the form as modal
52. The tool provided with .Net framework to register assemblies for use by COM is
53. How do you add Web Methods in VB.Net
54. How do you refer the current class in VB.Net
55. How you refer the parent class in VB.Net
56. The serialization of an Object means that it is written out to a stream
57. Which of the following is not a method of Debug class
58. Vb.Net classes can be derived in C#
59. Smart Phone applications and other such devices can be written using:
60. Which class is used to run the EXE application file in VB.NET?
61. If you know want to migrate your Visual Basic 6 application to VB.NET, what is the first thing you should do ?
62. Some bits of a Visual Basic 6 application, like most APIs, can be easily migrated to VB.NET; other parts are not so straightforward. Which of the following will NOT have to be re-architected during a VB 6-to-VB.NET migration ?
63. The Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard will convert all the code in your VB 6 application to VB.NET code for you.
64. This programming language model is used sparingly in VB 6 but is one of the cornerstones of VB.NET. Knowing the ins and outs of it will make an application migration project easier and also prepare you for additional work in VB.NET. What is the model ? 
65. What two controls are needed when creating a toolbar ?
66. Can a toolbar display text instead of pictures in the buttons ?
67. The vbc.exe compiler generates:
68. Which program will you use to assemble a program written in IL:
69. A ‘for’ loop will run faster in VB.NET or C# ?
70. What’s the difference between a class field property ?
71. Classes from which namespace will have to be used to read or write to a file ?
72. The metadata stored in the assembly is called :
73. My.Application.Log.WriteEntry , by default , writes to the file:
74. To determine the folder in which your application is placed you can use:
75. Select the keyword used to refer the name space in our code in VB.Net
76. How does VB.NET instantiates the .NET object
77. How do you Dereference an Object in VB.NET ?
78. How do you Create Constructors in VB.NET ?
79. How do you enable Strict Type Checking in VB.NET
80. Can you create Windows Services using VB.Net