C Language Objective type Questions

31. The _______ memory allocation function modifies the previous allocated space.
A. calloc
B. free
C. malloc
D. realloc
Answer : D

32. Number of binary trees formed with 5 nodes are
A. 30
B. 36
C. 108
D. 42
Answer : D

33. The "C" language is
A. Context free language
B. Context sensitive language
C. Regular language
D. None of the above
Answer : A

34. The worst case time complexity of AVL tree is better in comparison to binary search tree for
A. Search and Insert Operations
B. Search and Delete Operations
C. Insert and Delete Operations
D. Search, Insert and Delete Operations
Answer : D

35. In which tree, for every node the height of its left subtree and right subtree differ almost by one?
A. Binary search tree
B. AVL tree
C. Threaded Binary Tree
D. Complete Binary Tree
Answer : B

36. C is ______ Language?
A. Low Level
B. High Level
C. Assembly Level
D. Machine Level

37. The Default Parameter Passing Mechanism is called as
A. Call by Value
B. Call by Reference
C. Call by Address
D. Call by Name
Answer : A

38. What is Dequeue?
A. Elements can be added from front
B. Elements can be added to or removed from either the front or rear
C. Elements can be added from rear
D. None of the above
Answer : B

39. In which linked list last node address is null?
A. Doubly linked list
B. Circular list
C. Singly linked list
D. None of the above
Answer : C

40. Which is the correct syntax to declare constant pointer?
A. int *const constPtr;
B. *int constant constPtr;
C. const int *constPtr;
D. A and C both
Answer : D