Data Structures - DS Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Freshers pdf free download

1.  On which prinicple does stack work?
2.  Can linked list be implemented using arrays?
3.  Two dimensional arrays are also called ______.
4.  AVL trees have a faster ________.
5.  Which of the following statements hold true for binary trees?
6.  The time required in best case for search operation in binary tree is
7.  Can stack be described as a pointer?
8.  What is the pecularity of red blac trees?
9.  Which of the following ways below is a pre order traversal?
10. Which of the following ways below is a In order traversal?
11. Which of the following linked list below have last node of the list pointing to the first node?
12. Items in a priority queue are entered in a _____________ order
13. A tree cannot contain cycles.
14. Breadth First search is used in
15. A ___________ tree is a tree where for each parent node, there is only one associated child node
16. In graphs, A hyperedge is an edge that is allowed to take on any number of ______.
17. An empty list is the one which has no _____.
18. Key value pair is usually seen in _____.
19. In a heap, element with the greatest key is always in the ___________ node
20. In _____________tree, the heights of the two child subtrees of any node differ by at most one
21. Which data structure allows deleting data elements from front and inserting at rear?
22. Identify the data structure which allows deletions at both ends of the list but insertion at only one end.
23. Which of the following data structure is non-linear type?
24. Which of the following data structure is linear type?
25. To represent hierarchical relationship between elements, which data structure is suitable?
26. A binary tree whose every node has either zero or two children is called
27. The depth of a complete binary tree is given by
28. When representing any algebraic expression E which uses only binary operations in a 2-tree,
29. A binary tree can easily be converted into q 2-tree
30. When converting binary tree into extended binary tree, all the original nodes in binary tree are
31. The post order traversal of a binary tree is DEBFCA. Find out the pre order traversal
32. Which of the following sorting algorithm is of divide-and-conquer type?
33. An algorithm that calls itself directly or indirectly is known as
34. In a binary tree, certain null entries are replaced by special pointers which point to nodes higher in the tree for efficiency. These special pointers are called
35. The in order traversal of tree will yield a sorted listing of elements of tree in
36. In a Heap tree
37. In a graph if e=[u, v], Then u and v are called
38. A connected graph T without any cycles is called
39. In a graph if e=(u, v) means
40. If every node u in G is adjacent to every other node v in G, A graph is said to be
41. In linked lists there are noNULL links in:
42. In a Stack the com mand to access nth ele ment from the top of the stack s will be
43. If yyy, xxx and zzz are the ele ments of a lex i cally ordered binary tree, then in pre order tra ver sal which node will be tra verse first
44. In a bal ance binary tree the height of two sub trees of every node can not dif fer by more than
45. The result of eval u at ing pre fix expres sion */b+-dacd, where a = 3, b = 6, c = 1, d = 5 is
46. In an array rep re sen ta tion of binary tree the right child of root will be at loca tion of
47. The total num ber of com par isons in a bub ble sort is
48. The dummy header in linked list contain
49. Write the out put of the fol low ing pro gram: int a[] = {1,2,3}*P;
50. If the out degree of every node is exactly equal to M or 0 and the num ber of nodes at level K is Mk-1 [con sider root at level 1], then tree is called as
51. Two main measures for the efficiency of an algorithm are
52. The time factor when determining the efficiency of algorithm is measured by
53. The space factor when determining the efficiency of algorithm is measured by
54. Which of the following case does not exist in complexity theory
55. The Worst case occur in linear search algorithm when 
56. The Average case occur in linear search algorithm
57. The complexity of the average case of an algorithm is 
58. The complexity of linear search algorithm is
59. The complexity of Binary search algorithm is 
60. The complexity of Bubble sort algorithm is 
61. The complexity of merge sort algorithm is
62. The indirect change of the values of a variable in one module by another module is called
63. Which of the following data structure is not linear data structure?
64. Which of the following data structure is linear data structure?
65. The operation of processing each element in the list is known as
66. Finding the location of the element with a given value is:
67. Arrays are best data structures
68. Linked lists are best suited
69. Each array declaration need not give, implicitly or explicitly, the information about
70. The elements of an array are stored successively in memory cells because
71. Value of the first linked list index is _______.
72. A linked list index is ____ that represents the position of a node in a linked list.
73. Why is the constructor of the QueueLinkedList class empty?
74. _______ form of access is used to add and remove nodes from a queue
75. ______ form of access is used to add and remove nodes from a stack
76. New nodes are added to the _____ of the queue.
77. A _______ is a data structure that organizes data similar to a line in the supermarket, where the first one in line is the first one out.
78. In an array queue, data is stored in an _____ element.
79. The pop() member function determines if the stack is empty by calling the _____ member function
80. What happens when you push a new node onto a stack?
81. The memory address of the first element of an array is called
82. The memory address of fifth element of an array can be calculated by the formula
83. Which of the following data structures are indexed structures?
84. Which of the following is not the required condition for binary search algorithm?
85. Which of the following is not a limitation of binary search algorithm?
86. Two dimensional arrays are also called
87. A variable P is called pointer if
88. Which of the following data structure can't store the non-homogeneous data elements?
89. Which of the following data structure store the homogeneous data elements?
90. Each data item in a record may be a group item composed of sub-items; those items which are indecomposable are called