HTML - Interview Questions And Answers for freshers pdf

1. What is HTML?
2. What is a tag? 
3. What is the simplest HTML page? 
4. How do I create frames? What is a frameset? 
5. How can I include comments in HTML? 
6. What is a Hypertext link? 
7. How comfortable are you with writing HTML entirely by hand?
8. What is everyone using to write HTML? 
9. What is a DOCTYPE? Which one do I use? 
10. Can I nest tables within tables? 
11. How do I align a table to the right (or left)?
12. How can I use tables to structure forms? 
13. How do I center a table? 
14. How do I use forms? 
15. How can I check for errors? 
16. Do I have to memorize a bunch of tags? 
17. How do I make a form so it can be submitted by hitting ENTER?
18. How do I set the focus to the first form field? 
19. How can I eliminate the extra space after a </form> tag
20. How can I use tables to structure forms? 
21. How can I show HTML examples without them being interpreted as part of my document?
22. How do I get special characters in my HTML? 
23. Should I put quotes around attribute values? 
24. Are there any problems with using tables for layout? 
25. How do I eliminate the blue border around linked images? 
26. How do I eliminate the space around/between my images? 
27. How can I specify colors?
28. How do I get form data emailed to me? 
29. Can I prevent a form from being submitted again? 
30. How can I allow file uploads to my web site? 
31. How can I require that fields be filled in, or filled in correctly? 
32. How do I change the title of a framed document? 
33. How do I link an image to something? 
34. How do I specify a specific combination of frames instead of the default document?
35. How do I link to a location in the middle of an HTML document? 
36. How do I create a link? 
37. How do I create a link that opens a new window? 
38. How do I let people download a file from my page? 
39. How can I make a form with custom buttons? 
40. How do I specify page breaks in HTML? 
41. How do I remove the border around frames? 
42. Which should I use, &entityname; or &#number; ?
43. Is there a way to prevent getting framed? 
44. Why aren't my frames the exact size I specified? 
45. How can I specify background images? 
46. How can I copy something from a webpage to my webpage? 
47. Is it possible to make the HTML source not viewable?
48. Why doesn't my title show up when I click "check it out"? 
49. How do I make a thumbnail for my image(s)? 
50. What is the difference between the HTML form methods GET and POST? 
51. How do I rename all the files from .htm to .html after copying them from a PC to a UNIX machine? 
52. How do I put sounds for older versions of Internet Explorer? 
53. Can I use any HTML in the box? 
54. How to transferring user to new web page automatically? 
55. I'm trying to `include' a HTML document in another document...Is there a way to do this? 
56. How do I keep people from stealing my source code and/or images?
57. How do you create tabs or indents in Web pages? 
58. How do I make sure my framed documents are displayed inside their frameset? 
59. How do I update two frames at once? 
60. Can I have two or more Submit buttons in the same form? 
61. How do I make a link or form in one frame update another frame? 
62. Why does the browser show my plain HTML source? 
63. How can I display an image on my page? 
64. Why do my links open new windows rather than update an existing frame? 
65. How do I get out of a frameset? 
66. How do I make a frame with a vertical scrollbar but without a horizontal scrollbar? 
67. Are there any problems with using frames? 
68. Do search engines dislike frames? 
69. What are the attributes that make up a DHTML?
70. What are differences between DIV and SPAN?
71. What are the differences between cell spacing and cell padding?
72. How do I specify page breaks in HTML?
73. How do I add scrolling text to my page?
74. How do I close a browser window with HTML code?