HTML Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf

1) Is it possible to set up a browser so it refuse pages that does not have a content rating meta tag?
2) When images are used as links they get a blue border.
3) A 6 digit Hex color (#FF9966) defines values of Red, Blue and Green in which order ?
4) When you count to 15 using hexadecimal numbers, the highest number is what ?
5) The <small> and <big> tags are special in what way ?
6) What does vlink mean ?
7) Banners, buttons, dividers, clipart and other simple images usually work best as ?
8) Which format usually works best for photos ?
9) <a> and </a> are the tags used for ?
10) What does the GENERATOR meta tag tell ?
11) What tag is used to add columns to tables ?
12) Use<td> and </td>to add what to your tables?
13) What is the REFRESH meta tag used for ?
14) Screen colors are defined by which colors ?
15) What tag can prevent sites with adult content from being seen on MSIEbrowsers ?
16) To specify a font for your whole page add which tag ?
17) Increasing the cellpadding value will what ?
18) Which of the following is NOT true of metatags use ?
19) To change the size of an image in HTML use what ?
20) Hex-colors are the only way to define colors on the web?
21) Is it a common myth that meta tags seriously improve search engine rankings ?
22) Choose the correct HTML tag to make a text italic
23) Choose the correct HTML tag to make a text bold
24) If the background image is smaller than the screen, what will happen ?
25) HTML defines colors using hexidecimal values, while graphics programs most often use what ?
26) The <title> tag belongs where in your HTML ?
27) If you don’t want the frame windows to be resizeable, simply add what to the <frame> lines ?
28) How can you make a list that lists the items with numbers?
29) Most search engines give serious importance to meta tags when ranking websites in their listings ?
30) Which colors consist of equal amounts of all basic colors ?
31) Which has higher priority, cell settings or table settings ?
32) What does HTML stand for?
33) What is the correct HTML for adding a background color?
34) To make the appearance of the colors more powerful on your site do which of the following ?
35) When is the content of a table shown ?
36) To add rows to your tables use which tags?
37) Gif and jpg are the two main types of what ?
38) WYSIWYG stands for ?
39) Choose the correct HTML tag for the largest heading
40) Choose the correct HTML to left-align the content inside a tablecell
41) To create a bulleted list use ?
42) Besides<B>, another way to make text bold is what ?
43) Hexadecimal numbers are numbers based on the value of what ?
44) Which is NOT a predefined target for links ?
45) If you do not include a DESCRIPTION meta tag, most search engine will simply list what ?
46) How many characters can be written with 1 Kilobyte ?
47) To start a list at the count of 3, use which ?
48) Who is making the Web standards?
49) Which tag can set the background color for your page?
50) What is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break?
51) The attribute used to choose the type of font in HTML is ?
52) colspan=n can be added to only what tag?
53) Rather than using Hspace and Vspace you can use which of the following to add spacing to your image ?
54) What is the correct HTML for creating a hyperlink?
55) In the code <frameset cols="120,*"> the following would be true.
56) Which program do you need to write HTML?
57) When making bulleted lists you have what options ?
58) A file that specifies how the screen is divided into frames is called a _____.
59) Which of these is not valid HTML?
60) Which of these tags are all <table>tags?
61) The <br>tag adds what to your webpage ?
62) What tag tells where a link starts ?
63) Settings for columns(<td> tag) have higher priority than settings for rows(<tr> tag)
64) Colors in plain HTML can be specified using ?
65) Relative path make your hypertext links______.
66) <ol> tags will create what kind of list ?
67) Is it possible to link within the current page ?
68) Tags and text that do not show directly on the page are placed where ?
69) To create a list using lowercase letters use ?
70) To seperate single list items use ?
71) Which section is used for text and tags that are shown directly on your web page ?
72) To set the font for a single link, where do you add the <font></font> tags ?
73) Why should you add alternative text to your images ?
74) What is used to store information usually relevant to browsers and searchengines?
75) What tag tells the browser where the page starts and stops ?
76) Why should you specify a background color if you are using an image for the actual background of your page ?
77) The background image will scroll when the user scrolls down the page, unless you add which property to the <body> tag?
78) Imagelinks can show a text label if you add which property?
79) Adding a border to your image helps the visitor to recognize it as what ?
80) Which of the following is NOT a valid pair for browser safe colors ?
81) To start a numbered list with regular numerals use ?
82) Defining clickable sub-areas on an image is called?
83) How can you open a link in a new browser window?
84) What tag adds a paragraph break after the text ?
85) Which property will open a page in a new window?
86) The <i> tag makes text... ?
87) Which two meta tags have special relevance for search engines ?
88) To start a list using circles use which of these tags ?
89) All normal webpages consist of what two parts ?
90) Use what to prevent confusion on numbers higher than 9 with hexadecimal colors ?
91) Why do designers often use slight variations of black and white as background colors ?
92) Which will let text wrap down the side of the image?
93) There are how many "browser safe colors" ?
94) How do you add a link which will allow the visitor to send an email from your page ?
95) Which tag is used to insert images into your web page ?
96) One should never combine the "start" and "type" option ?
97) What is the most important tool for adding colors to certain areas of the page rather than the entire background ?
98) All HTML tags are enclosed in what ?
99) Which of the following will NOT be found in the <head> section ?
100) Which property tells how many rows a cell should span ?