WPF Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf

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1. What is WPF?
2. What is XAML extensible markup language?
3. What is a Routed event?
4. Can you explain how we can separate code and XAML?
5. What are the core WPF assemblies?
6. What is XBAP?
7. What is a Freezable?
8. What is Path animation?
9. What is the use of System.Windows.Media namespace?
10. How to define a button USING XAML?
11. What is the use of System.Windows.Navigation namespace in WPF?
12. Which namespace is used to work with 3D in WPF.
13. What kind of documents are supported in WPF?
14. What are dependency properties?
15. What is the purpose of the x:Name attribute in XAML?
16. What is a feature of XAML that is available when it is compiled rather than interpreted?
17. What is an attached property?
18. What is the difference between a Panel and a Decorator?
19. What is the purpose of AccessText?
20. What are the types of Inlines that can be used in a TextBlock?
21. What is the most common format for declaring a data binding in markup?
22. Is x:Static the same as a data binding?
23. How many ways are there to deploy WPF applications, and what are they?
24. How do navigation applications differ from standard WPF applications?
25. What type of elements can be hosted in a ToolBar?
26. What is the simplest and most common way to componentize a complex UI?
27. What class is used to save and load the content of a RichTextBox?
28. What are the types of binding in WPF?
29. What is the difference between key binding and mouse binding?
30. What type is used to render WPF output to a bitmap?
31. What is the base class for all renderable types in WPF?
32. What is a repository?
33. What are the types of common file dialogs that WPF supports?
34. What is the name of the FrameworkElement most commonly used to work with media in WPF?
35. What are two common properties on all the Shape classes?
36. What are the different types of brushes that WPF offers?
37. What are the four channels of a WPF Color object?
38. What are the types of bitmap effects?
39. What are the two types of transforms present on FrameworkElement?
40. What are the types sibling libraries in WPF?
41. What is the difference between WCF and WF?
42. What operating systems does WPF currently support?
43. What are the types of binding modes?
44. What is the difference between a XAML file and a code-behind file?
45. Which files are automatically added to a new WPF Application project?
46. What is the use of "System.Windows.Markup" namespace in WPF?
47. Which namespace provide classes for integration with WPF and Win32?
48. What is 'One-way-to-Source ' binding property?
49. Is it possible for a control to define a handler for an event, that the control can't itself raise?
50. What is the difference between User Settings and Application Settings in WPF? 
51. What is Style Inheritance?
52. How is mapping done between CLR namespaces and XAML namespaces?
53. Difference between MediaPlayer and MediaElement ?
54. How many type of templates are available in WPF..?
55. What is the WPF Unit?
56. What is the Class Hierarchy in Windows Presentation Foundation?
57. What is the importance of INotifyPropertyChanged in WPF?
58. What is the importance of INotifyCollectionChanged in WPF
59. What is Logical Tree in WPF?
60. What is Visual Tree in WPF?
61. What are the Types of Resources in WPF?
62. What are Binary Resources in WPF?
63. What are Static Resources in WPF?
64. What are Dynamic Resources in WPF?
65. What is the Choice between StaticResource and DynamicResource in WPF?
66. What are Triggers and its type in WPF?
67. What are Templates and its type in WPF?
68. What is application object and its reponsiblity?
69. What is the Application Lifetime in WPF?
70. What is the series of Window Events at Startup in WPF?
71. What is the series of event fired for application shutdown in WPF?
72. How to Creating Windows Forms Controls Dynamically in WPF?
73. How to host WPF Controls in Windows Forms?
74. Logical Tree Vs Visual Tree
75. Why do we need two different kinds of trees?