110 TOP Sharepoint Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf

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1.  What is SharePoint 2010?
2.  What is MOSS?
3.  What are Features of SharePoint?
4.  What are the new features in Sharepoint?
5.  What is Site collection?
6.  What is Site?
7.  What is Sub Site?
8.  What is List?
9.  What is Document Library?
10. What is Picture library?
11. What is Check-out?
12. What is Check-in?
13. What is Versioning?
14. What is Site Columns?
15. What are the Methods of Backup and Recovery in SharePoint 2010?
16. What is Content Type?
17. What is rating?
18. What is Audience targeting?
19. What are views?
20. What are the various types of views? 
21. What is Task list?
22. What is Document Set?
23. What does a SPWebApplication object represent?
24. What is Drop-Off Library?
25. What is Routing Rules List?
26. What is Blogs?
27. What is Enterprise wiki?
28. What is Tagging?
29. What is Recent activity?
30. What is Survey?
31. What is My site?
32. What is enterprise Metadata Management?
33. What is Web part?
34. What is RSS Viewer?
35. What is a Record Center?
36. What is Document Center?
37. What is Digital asset management?
38. What is Social networking?
39. What is a recycle bin in SharePoint?
40. What is Publishing feature?
41. What is Branding?
42. What are Master page?
43. What are the various types of master pages?
44. What are Content pages?
45. What is Page Layout?
46. What is Site definition?
47. What is ONET.xml?
48. List all the types of custom templates in SharePoint 2010?
49. What is Theme?
50. What is Navigation in SharePoint 2010? 
51. What are the various options for Navigation available in SharePoint 2010? 
52. What is Ribbon interface?
53. What is a workflow?
54. Explain .Net Workflow and SharePoint workflow?
55. What is Single sign-on?
56. What is ULS Logging?
57. How to Export a Site or List in SharePoint 2010?
58. What is Sandbox solution?
59. What can be deployed as a Sandbox solution in SharePoint 2010?
60. What is SharePoint Designer?
61. How does Client object model works?
62. What are the Authentication methods for the client object model application? 
63. How can a developer write efficient and better performing client object applications? 
64. What is difference between Load() and LoadQuery() methods?
65. What is the purpose of calling clientContext.ExecuteQuery()? 
66. What is the GAC?
67. What is CAML? 
68. Why would a developer use LINQ over CAML for data retrieval? 
69. What are the Disadvantages of Using LINQ in the Code?
70. What does AllowUnsafeUpdates do?
71. What does RunWithElevatedPrivileges do? 
72. How is a Content Type created?
73. How is a Content type deployed?
74. What is the scope of a content type?
75. What is an ancestral type and what does it have to do with content types?
76. What is ghosted page and Un-ghosted page ? 
77. Can web parts and web zones be added to an Application page? 
78. How to create a custom master page?
79. How to apply a custom master page?
80. Can developer use the custom master page with the application pages in SharePoint 2010? 
81. How to link the custom CSS file in the master page?
82. What is the best method on working with CSS?
83. If a developer creates a new CSS file then where should the file be stored?
84. How will user deploy a CSS file in SharePoint 2010?
85. If multiple css files are used in the same master page then how can a developer order the files to be applied to the master page?
86. How to create custom Themes?
87. What does safe control means?
88. What is User Control and how to use in SharePoint 2010?
89. How can a user add content to the content editor web part?
90. What is Content query web part?
91. How to deploy a web part?
92. Can a modal dialog be displayed from a webpart? 
93. While creating a Web part, which is the ideal location to initialize the web controls? 
94. What is SharePoint designer workflow?
95. Can Developer modify the Out-of-Box workflows in SharePoint 2010?
96. When is workflow forms created? And how to customize it?
97. Where are the InfoPath forms published in SharePoint?
98. What is the scope of feature activation?
99. What is the difference between feature definition and feature instance?
100. What are the minimum files required for a feature?
101. What is hidden attribute in a feature?
102. What is Elements.xml file in Feature in SharePoint 2010?
103. What is Feature Receiver in SharePoint 2010, its base class along with the methods that needs to be override?
104. How are features created?
105. What is a Manifest.xml File in SharePoint 2010?
106. What is New in SPALerts?
107. What is Claims based authentication?
108. What is Classic-mode authentication?
109. What is Content Editor Web part?
110.What is the difference between a Site Definition and a Site Template?