50 Best Informatica Administrator Interview questions with answers

Informatica  Administrator Interview Questions and Answers with real time scenarios
1.  What is a Repository and difference between repository database and repository service
2.  What is a code page?
3.  What is resilience time?
4.  What is a node in Informatica?
5.  What is data movement mode in Informatica and difference between them?
6.  How do you migrate data from one environment to another.
7.  What is an Integration service in Informatica?
8.  Pmrep and pmcmd command
9.  How to start a workflow using pmcmd command
10. Creating a folder using pmrep command
11. What is deployment group
12. How to go to the older version for a mapping.
13. What is DR strategy for Informatica project?
14. How to open an older version of an object in the workspace
15. How would you join a node to the already existing domain?
16. Is it possible to create multiple domains on a single Informatica server?
17. While migrating the data from one environment to another environment how would you manage the connections?
18. What is primary and backup node?
19. What is a grid in Informatica?
20. Can we create a Integration service without a Repository service and vice versa.
21. Can we create multiple integration service on single repository?
22. What is native users.
23. What is meant by LDAP users
24. What are roles and groups and benefits of using them?
25. What is domain and gateway node:
26. What is difference between a gateway node and worker node?
27. What do you understand by SOA of Informatica?
28. Is it possible to define a single node as a Gateway node as well as worker node?
29. Can we create a node as a gateway node and the same node can be assigned to a grid?
30. Can we create two repositories on same database instance in oracle?
31. How do you take back up of repository?
32. What is the difference between STOP and ABORT options in Workflow Monitor?
33. What happens when a session fails and you click on recover?
34. What could be the possible resons of locks by user.
35. What is exclusive and normal mode for repository services?
36. What all are steps in up gradation of Informatica server?
37. Is it possible to use a client with different version than that of its Informatica server?
38. How would you copy the content of one repository to another repository(The new repository is not having anything in it)
39. What do mean by local and global repository?
40. Is it possible to revert a global repository to local one and why?
41. What is a shortcut and copy in Informatica and how two are different with each other.
42. What do you mean by Parameter file? Why do we use it and what all things we can define in a parameter file?
43. How do you manage the Parameter files while migrating your data from one environment to another environment?
44. What all challenges you faced in Informatica in your last project as an admin and how did you resolve them?
45. If your server is running on Unix and one of the sessions are keep on running without loading any data how would you kill it.
46. What does “tail –f” command do and what is its use as an Informatica admin.
47. How do you start and stop services in unix without using admin console
48. What is a difference between complete, stop and abort
49. What do you mean by DTM and Load manager and what is difference between load manager and load balancer?
50. I am not able to connect to the domain with the client although all services and databases are up and there is no network issue.


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