50 TOP QC Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf

QC Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1.  What is the relationship between Quality Center and TestDirector?
2.  What is the purpose of Quality Center?
3.  What is the purpose of linking test cases to requirements?
4.  What types of requirement options can be added to test cases?
5.  What are the main advantages of Quality Center?
6.  What do you have to use to upload test cases from Microsoft Excel?
7.  How are filters be used?
8.  What is the Test Lab?
9.  How can the defect management cycle be tailored in Quality Center?
10. Does Quality Center allow defect to be mapped directly to requirements?
11. Can test data be stored in TestDirector?
12. Will test data be lost if you choose to upgrade from TestDirector to QC?
13. How are test cases grouped?
14. How does Quality Center compare to Bugzilla?
15. What reports are available in Quality Center?
16. Can one defect be mapped to more than one test script?
17. Do scripts have to be recorded in QTP or WinRunner before importing them into Quality Center?
18. How can you be sure that bugs are not duplicated?
19. What information is in the test grid?
20. What views are available in TestDirector?
21. What are the Quality Center tabs?
22. How can Quality Center be used in real-time projects?
23. What is the difference between ‘Not run’ and ‘Not covered’ statuses?
24. What is the difference between QA Inspect and Web Inspect?
25. What is an automated test?
26. Can u use QC for automation?
27. What are the 2 ways of adding automated tests?
28. What is the importance of connecting a test case to test requirements?
29. What are the types of graphs and reports in QC?
30. What are Progress Graphs?
31. What are Summary Graphs?
32. Why use a filter?
33. When would you generate project documents using the standard Reports?
34. What icon indicates whether a test has steps?
35. What is a Test Set?
36. What is a Host Machine?
37. What is a Scheduler?
38. How does u open a Scheduler?
39. Why use QC to track defects?
40. How many types of tabs are there in Quality Centre. Explain?
41. How to map the requirements with test cases in Quality Centre?
42. How to use Quality Centre in real time project?
43. Difference between Web Inspect-QA Inspect?
44. How can we add requirements to test cases in Quality Centre?
45. What are the phases of Quality Center process?
46. What are the features of Quality Center?
47. What is a Quality Center Project?
48. How many built-in tables does QC have? What are they?
49. What is a Table in QC project?
50. How do you run reports from Quality Centre.