82 TOP Android Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Android interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1.  Explain the Architecture of Android ?
2.  Explain about the exceptions of Android?
3.  What are the advantages of Android?
4.  Describe the APK format.
5.  What is .apk extension?
6.  What is .dex extension?
7.  What is android?
8.  What's the difference between a file, a class and an activity in android?
9.  What are the different tools in Android? Explain them?
10. What is an activity?
11. What is a service?
12. How to Remove Desktop icons and Widgets?
13. Describe a real time scenario where android can be used?
14. How to select more than one option from list in android xml file? 
15. What languages does Android support for application development?
16. Describe Android Application Architecture?
17. What is the Android Open Source Project?
18. Why did we open the Android source code?
19. What is the Guardian app for Android?
20. What features does it have?
21. Will it work on my phone?
22. How much does it cost?
23. How do I save the app to my SD card?
24. How do I add sections to my favourites?
25. How do I remove sections from my favourites?
26. What is Mono for Android?
27. What is included in Mono for Android?
28. What do I need to develop Mono for Android applications?
29. Will my users need to install Mono?
30. Where is the UI Designer?
31. How is Mono for Android licensed?
32. What is the API profile exposed by Mono for Android?
33. Are the Android releases available in a ROM?
34. When will it be available in a ROM?
35. How do I turn off, or reboot Android?
36. Should we jump in to Android? What’s the guarantee that’s what I will see on a phone? Will service providers turn off things?
37. What if my app uses location API, and service provider shuts that off, can they?
38. If I’m a game developer and I’m building piece of content and I want to sell it, how do I do that and realize revenue?
39. We use SMS interception for system signalling. Is there a mechanism for an app to respond and stop the signaling chain? Is there security around that so that one vendor can’t hijack a message and respond to it?
40. Can the user set a priority?
41. In a previous release, XMPP was turned into GTalk. Will a future version have XMPP?
42. What’s so special about Android?
43. Are Android phones called "Droids"?
44. Why would I (potentially) choose an Android phone over an iPhone?
45. What are the downsides of Android?
46. What’s up with all these different versions of Android, like "Donut," "Cupcake" and "Froyo"?
47. So if the current version of Android is 2.2, why are people still complaining about Android phones stuck with version 2.1, or even 1.6?
48. How many apps are available for Android?
49. So, how should I go about picking an Android phone?
50. What are the hottest new Android phones out right now?
51. How will you record a phone call in Android? How to get a handle on Audio Stream for a call in Android?
52. Why cannot you run standard Java bytecode on Android?
53. Can you deploy executable JARs on Android? Which packaging is supported by Android?
54. Android application can only be programmed in Java?
55. What is an action?
56. What are Dalvik Executable files?
57. How does Android system track the applications?
58. When does Android start and end an application process?
59. How can two Android applications share same Linux user ID and share same VM?
60. Can I use the GoToMeeting app for Android on my Android device?
61. How can I download the GoToMeeting app?
62. If I have a Motorola Android-based device that doesn’t have the Android Market app, can I still download the GoToMeeting app?
63. What made you jump into Android all of a sudden? Why not iOS or other mobile platforms?
64. What were your initial impressions of Android development?
65. Does Android support Adobe Flash in the browser?
66. Does Android support push email or is it pull?
67. Will these phones have world phone capabilities, with the ability to make calls, receive data in other countries? Or will they be able to use Google Voice to make calls?
68. Will the App run on my Android phone?
69. How do I install your App?
70. How do I find and download updates to the E.ON Android application?
71. What do I do if I have problems downloading your App?
72. What is Intent?
73. What is a Sticky Intent?
74. How the nine-patch Image different from a regular bitmap? Alternatively, what is the difference between nine-patch Image vs regular Bitmap Image?
75. What is a resource?
76. How will you record a phone call in Android? or How to handle an Audio Stream for a call in Android?
77. Does Android support the Bluetooth serial port profile? Yes. 78. Can an application be started on powerup?
79. How to Translate in Android?
80. Describe Briefly the Android Application Architecture?
81. What is needed to make a multiple choice list with a custom view for each row?
82. What dialog boxes are supported in Android ?