82 TOP QTP Interview Questions and Answers for freshers

QTP Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and Experienced pdf free download
1.  What is the default Add-ins in QTP?        
2.  Is QTP Supports UNI-CODE?
3.  How you are developing the script? Using record and play back or manual?
4.  How many types of recording modes are there?
5.  What is the difference between Analog and Low level recording?
6.  Where we can use the Analog Mode and where we can use the Low – level Mode?
7.  Is it possible to change the values of Analog Recording?
8.  How many types of Run modes are there in QTP?
9.  What are Test Settings and Global Settings?
10. How many types of Objects are there in QTP?
11. What is test object?
12. What is Run Time Object?
13. Difference between Test Object and Run Time Object?
14. What is Action? How many types of Actions are there in QTP?
15. Difference between Copy to Action and Call to Action?
16. What is an Object Repository?
17. What are the types of Object Repositories? Which one is u using?
18. Have you faced any problems with Object Repository?
19. Is it possible to merge two Object Repository files in QTP?
20. What is the difference between Per-Action and Shared?
21. How QTP recognizes the Object?
22. If I change the object name in one action will it be updated in all the actions? Or not?
23. How to get the particular property value?
24. Is it possible to change the property value at runtime? How it is possible?
25. If I change the property value at runtime is it effect is Object Repository? 
26. What is the parameterization? Give one example?
27. How many ways is to parameterize the value?
28. What is a checkpoint? How many check points are there in QTP?
29. What is the diff between image and bitmap check point?
30. Have u used XML check point in your project? How?
31. For example u r checking bit map check point before coming to the results. How can u say it is passed? Or failed? Anyways?  
32. What is text check point and text area check point?
33. Suppose I want fail that check point? How can u do that?
34. Is text area check point supports for web applications?
35. In QTP is it possible to check broken links of a page?
36. Do u know how to connect Database? Can u tell me the procedures?
37. What is output value? How many types of output values are there in QTP? 
38. What is accessibility check point?
39. How to check bitmap output value?
40. I have created 3 actions in test action1, action2, action3 but I want run action 1,action 3,action2 how can u change in the actions in keyword view?
41. Suppose I created one object as virtual object? That object is applicable to that test? Or all the tests?
42. Is virtual object supported in low level recording mode?
43. If created one virtual object? Next time I changed the window position will it work?
44. How u create new action in QTP?
45. Is it possible to split an action?  How?
46. How u calling actions in QTP?
47. I created 3 actions in test suppose I want to run action 1 in single time, action 2 is 4 time what I do?
48. Suppose you are using shared objects repository in your test and you want to split your present action? At that time shared object repository is single or it’s also splits?
49. How can u pass value one action to another action?
50. How can u exit from an action?
51. What is recovery scenario Manager? When you go for recovery scenario Manager? Tell me on scenario were your used recovery scenario in your project?
52. What are the trigger events in QTP?
53. How many types of trigger events are there in QTP?
54. How can you send user defined messages to test report?
55. How can get count of list box?
56. How many types of status are there?
57. What is synchronization? What are the ways u can synchronize?
58. Where we can use the synchronization?
59. How can u give wait up to 10 seconds in QTP?
60. How can I change object description or check point values in QTP?
61. What is optional step?
62. Have u done batch testing in QTP? If yes how u r doing?
63. How do u delete unwanted results in QTP?
64. How does u pass optional arguments in QTP?
65. What are the types of data tables in QTP?
66. Where u get the run time data table?
67. What is object identification?
68. What is smart identification?
69.  What are the ordinal identifiers in web page?
70. How u can decide which type of object repository u have to use?
71. Can we run test with out adding object in object repository? How it is possible?
72. What is a programmatic description?
73. When do go for loop condition in test?
74. Is it possible to call win runner script in QTP?
75. Where you are storing your script?
76. What is use of object spy?
77. How you can make an action as re-usable action?
78. What is debugging? How you debug your script?
79. If object is not recognized by QTP but the object is standard object what is your approach?
80. What is Data driver in QTP? Where we use it?
81. What are the main Differences of QTP and Win Runner?
82. Differences between Text and Test Area Checkpoints?