Sharepoint 2010 Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers pdf free download

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1.  What are the Correct statements about Configuration Database in SharePoint 2007.
2.  Select the correct SQL Server Database versions which can be used for SharePoint Installation.
3.  Select the correct software configuration combination which can be used to install SharePoint 2007. 
4.  Select the correct activities happening while doing the SharePoint Installation (Multiple Select).
5.  Choose the correct options regarding SharePoint Installation.
6.  Adding a server to provide only Excel Services to an existing SharePoint Farm,what kind of installation we need to perform on the Server.
7.  To add a server to an existing SharePoint Farm which serves only as web front End machine, what kind of installation we can perform.
8.  Following Databases are created after the successful completion of the configuring wizard in SharePoint 
9.  Select correct statements regarding the changes in IIS during the installation and configuration of SharePoint 2007.
10. Name the two application pool accounts which are created after successful completion of configuration Wizard of SharePoint 2007.
11. Choose the correct statements about Variations used in SharePoint 2007 .
12. Select the correct combination for the available features and the SharePoint Server License Type.
13. Name the three stages of Quiescing in SharePoint 2007 
14. What are the correct statement with the Feature Installation/Activation in SharePoint
15. Choose the Correct steps required to deploy a feature in SharePoint 
16. What is the Database which get created when we install WSS keeping all the defaults while installing
17. What kind of Site Template we need to select for the site collection on the Destination Server Farm to receive the initial deployment job while using Content Deployment Feature in SharePoint 2007.
18. Select the Information Management Policy which is not available in SharePoint 2007 by default.
19. Select the wrong STSADM commands related to Solution Deployment in SharePoint 2007.
20. When we take the Content DB associated with a web application to Offline status what effect it has on the sites in SharePoint 2007.
21. Which of them is not the Core Upgrade methods to migrate from SharePoint 2003 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.
22. You are planning to migrate from WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0. What are the correct migration path which are possible. 
23. Which Information Management Policy does not come OOB with SharePoint 2007.
24. While enabling Diagnostic Logging in Event Log what are the levels which are available which can be reported . 
25. While enabling Diagnostic Logging in Trace Log what is the levels which is not available which can be reported. 
26. What are the correct statements regarding Recycle Bin in the SharePoint 2007.
27. Select the correct server roles which we can have on different Servers in a Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Farm . 
28. What is the new STSADM command which is introduced with SP2 release of SharePoint Server 2007.
29. Select the correct objects for which the Change Log feature in SharePoint tracks the changes .
30. Which is not the correct version of CAL (Client Access License) available for SharePoint Server.
31. Following statements are correct for the domain account that is used to deploy SharePoint 2007..
32. Which is the user account SharePoint uses to access the configuration database or the content database for the Central Administration site.
33. What are correct statements about the Managed Path in SharePoint 2007 
34. Following type of content sources can be crawled by default in SharePoint 2007
35. Select the correct caching which is available in SharePoint 2007 
36. Select the correct statements. 
37. The acronym WSS stands for what?
38. To stop the OWS Timer what is the best command to run?
39. The 12 Hive is found in WSS v3 in what location?
40. A farm is made-up of one or more what?
41. In Sharepoint 2007 when in the template selection wizard - what two tabs are MOSS only options?
42. The top level web site in a site collection is what?
43. In Sharepoint 2007 - to create a web application you would use what?
44. A site collection is called an?
45. WSS v3 introduced what?
46. All web sites and workspaces below the parent site are called what?
47. Using Powershell in Sharepoint 2010 which command is best to use for listing all sites on a farm?
48. In Powershell 2010 what is the best cmdlet to discover commands?
49. What are two new features in Sharepoint 2010?
50. This tool helps with Metadata groups?
51. In Sharepoint 2010 these are three search center templates?
52. Settings for managed properties can be configured programatically using what?
53. A web service used for connections?
54. A list can support how many list items in Sharepoint 2010?
55. The Powershell command to list the shell administrator?
56. The Powershell command to access farm configurations?
57. What command best describes how to enable Kerberos?
58. What command best describes how blocked file types can be managed from the command line?
59. What best describes the visitors group?
60. What best describes the members group?
61. What port is typically are used for SMB (Server Message Block)?
61. What ports are typically used for NetBios?
62. What ports are typically used for SQL Server?
63. What command best describes the way to change a TCP port?
64. What best describes how to obtain permission levels?
65. What best describes the security trimmed user interface (UI)?
66. What best describes the search database?
67. What best describes a user profile element?
68. What best describes the full import schedule?
69. What best describes an audience?
70. What is the best way to view the import log?
71. What best describes the SSP?
72. What best describes modifying user profiles?
73. What best describes the office sharepoint usage reporting enable?
74. What best describes where all profile property policies can be managed?
75. What best describes the string property type?
76. What best describes starting the Sharepoint Designer?
77. What are display modes of Sharepoint Designer 2007?
78. The content of a MOSS site is stored in what?
79. The content of a WSS site is built upon what?
80. What best describes a backup of a website in Sharepoint Designer 2007?
81. What is the best stsadm command to create an empty site?
82. A smartpage is another name for what?
83. What best describes unghosted sites, they are produced by what?
84. What keyword in onet.xml files is used to prohibit a site page from being editied by Sharepoint Designer?
85. What best describes ghosted sites?