Top 50 Informatica Interview Questions with Answers for freshers

Most Frequently Asked Informatica Interview Questions with Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1.  What do you mean by Enterprise Data Warehousing?
2.  What the difference is between a database, a data warehouse and a data mart?
3.  What is meant by a domain?
4.  What is the difference between a repository server and a powerhouse?
5.  How many repositories can be created in informatica?
6.  What is the benefit of partitioning a session?
7.  How are indexes created after completing the load process?
8.  Explain sessions. Explain how batches are used to combine executions?
9.  How many number of sessions can one group in batches?
10. Explain the difference between mapping parameter and mapping variable?
11. What is complex mapping?
12. How can one identify whether mapping is correct or not without connecting session?
13. Can one use mapping parameter or variables created in one mapping into any other reusable transformation?
14. Explain the use of aggregator cache file?
15. Briefly describe lookup transformation?
16. What does role playing dimension mean?
17. How can repository reports be accessed without SQL or other transformations?
18. What are the types of metadata that stores in repository?
19. Explain the code page compatibility?
20. How can you validate all mappings in the repository simultaneously?
21. Briefly explain the Aggregator transformation?
22. Describe Expression transformation?
23. What do you mean by filter transformation?
24. What is Joiner transformation?
25. What is Lookup transformation?
26. How Union Transformation is used?
27. What do you mean Incremental Aggregation?
28. What is the difference between a connected look up and unconnected look up?
29. What is a mapplet?
30. Briefly define reusable transformation?
31. What does update strategy mean, and what are the different option of it?
32. What is the scenario which compels informatica server to reject files?
33. What is surrogate key?
34. What are the prerequisite tasks to achieve the session partition?
35. Which files are created during the session rums by informatics server?
36. Briefly define a session task?
37. What does command task mean?
38. What is standalone command task?
39. What is meant by pre and post session shell command?
40. What is predefined event?
41. How can you define user defied event?
42. What is a work flow?
43. What are the different tools in workflow manager?
44. Tell me any other tools for scheduling purpose other than workflow manager pmcmd?
45. What is OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing?
46. What are the different types of OLAP? Give an example?
47. What do you mean by worklet?
48. What is the use of target designer?
49. Where can we find the throughput option in informatica?
50. What is target load order?