40 TOP SAP HR Interview Questions and Answers pdf

List of top 40 SAP HR Interview Questions and answers for freshers beginners and experienced PDF
1.  What is ERP?
2.  What is SAP?
3.  What are the different software packets available in market?
4.  What are the different modules of SAP?
5.  What are the different type of projects?
6.  What is Roles And Responsibilities Of Sap Hr Consultants?
7.  What is ASAP methodology?
8.  What are the Importance of Infotypes in SAP Hr
9.  What are the Important infotypes in SAP Personnel Administration?
10. What is Dynamic Action?
11. What are the Important T Codes in SAP Personnel Administration?
12. How to lock the personnel number for generating payroll?
13. What is Concurrent employment ?
14. Which is the transaction to create Custom Infotype?
15. What are the different type of Wage Types? What are the characteristics of wages?
16. What is time management status ?
17. Structures in SAP Human Resources/HCM
18. Integration between  Personnel Administration &  OM
19. Reports in PA & OM Integration/Integration tools
20. What are important infotypes in Travel Management
21. Travel Management Process Flow
22. Integration between  Personnel Administration &  PD(Personnel Planning and Development)
23. Integration between  Personnel Administration &  Time Management
24. Integration between  Personnel Administration &  Payroll
25. What are plan versions used for?
26. What is the difference between a job and a position?
27. Three methods  to customize Organizational structure of an organization.  
28. Which infotype  maintain relationships between objects?
29. What is an evaluation path?
30. Integration between Organizational Management and Recruitment
31. Integration between Recruitment and Personnel Development
32. Integration between  Organizational Management  &  Time Management
33. What is meant by payscale structure? How did you configure payscale structure? (I said I created various payroll areas and defaulted them using the feature ABKRS. 
34. How do you import payscale data from non SAP to SAP? (Somebody told me that there's a tool called LEGACY to transfer non SAP data to SAP. I said the same. Is it the same for payroll also? He wanted a clearer explanation of how I did it.
35. How to assign a person two different pers no.s and allocate him two different comp. codes and generate a single invoice? Suppose for a person I have to pers no.s A and B. I want to send him to one company in the morning and the other in the noon. How should I do this. (I only know one person can be given more than one position by giving percentage in OM. I said that this process is concurrent employment.)
36.What is meant by a schema? (I said I'm only aware that it is a set of rules which is copied and renamed, but never worked on that.)
37. How do you restrict the data to be entered in payroll area?
38. What is meant by authorization? Did you ever work on it?
39. What is the difference between Indian and US Payroll. (I said each of them have their own ITs and the taxation differs.)
40. How do you differentiate Tax for different countries?