48 TOP SAP HANA Interview Questions And Answers pdf free download

The Below List of SAP HANA Interview Questions And Answers for freshers and experienced pdf prepared by SAP HANA experts.
1.  What is SAP HANA?
2.  What is SAP HANA Appliance 1.0?
3.  What are the product names?
4.  What additional limitations does Sybase Replication Server present?
5.  What source databases does HANA support for batch loads?
6.  What source databases does HANA support in real-time?
7.  What storage subsystem does HANA use?
8.  How big does HANA scale?
9.  Does SAP make their own IMDB/HANA hardware?
10. Why doesn't HANA run on blades?
11. What hardware is supported right now?
12. What's the wider market opportunity for IMDB?
13. You mean I have to buy a HANA only 2.5x smaller than my big Oracle RDBMS? What about archiving and data ageing?
14. Does HANA/IMDB replace Oracle?
15. Why is HANA so fast?
16. What does HANA cost?
17. What is HANA bad at?
18. What is HANA great at?
19. If I can run NetWeaver BW on IMDB/HANA, why can't I run the Business Suite/ERP 6.0?
20. What's the difference between HANA and IMDB?
21. What is SAP HANA 1.5, 1.2 or 1.0 SP03?
22. What are the limitations of HANA 1.0?
23. What are the product names?
24. Define Five-minute rule?
25. Define multi-core CPU?
26. Define Stall?
27. What is SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA)?
28. What are the components or products of HANA?
29. What are the different editions available in HANA appliance software?
30. What is columnar and Row-Based Data Storage?
31. What are the advantages of Column based tables?
32. What are the advantages of Row-based tables?
33. Which case the data to be stored in columnar storage?
34. What is paralisation?
35. What are the different Compression Techniques?
36. Why materialized aggregates are not required?
37. What are the advantages of Eliminating materialized aggregates?
38. What are the different types of replication techniques?
39. Define SLT?
40. What is Configuration in SLT?
41. What is Configuration and Monitoring Dashboard?
42. What is advanced replication settings?
43. Define Latency?
44. Define logging table?
45. What are Transformation rules?
46. When to change the number of Data Transfer job?
47. When to go for table partitioning?
48. What are the jobs involved in replication process?