50 TOP SAP MM Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

List of top 50 SAP MM Interview Questions and answers for freshers beginners and experienced PDF
1.   What is the difference between a Purchase Requisition and a Purchase Order?
2.   What are different Info Records types?
3.   What is a consignment Stock?
4.   What is Sub-Contracting cycle in MM?
5.   What is meant by Scales in MM?
6.   How to Flag a material for deletion?
7.   Can a material be used after flagging it for deletion?
8.   What is the function of OBYC? 
9.   What is valuation grouping code related to OBYC?
10.  What types of special stocks are available?
11.  What is the difference between Contracts and Scheduling Agreements? 
12.  How can we create new transaction codes in SAP?
13.  What are release procedures with and without classification?
14.  What is meant by batches?
15.  How to handle free items in PO?
16.  What information is maintained in Accounting View of material master?
17.  What is the use of Material types?
18.  What is the use of ‘Partner Functions’ for a vendor? 
19.  What is the use of ‘Material Status’? 
20.  What is the ‘Price Control Indicator’?
21.  What are various types of Stock transfer?
22.  What are various Stock Types? 
23.  What are various procedures for counting Physical Inventory?
24.  What is the use of ‘Split Valuation’?
25.  What are the various stock valuation methods?
26.  How do you set ‘Automatic Account Assignment’ in MM? 
27.  What are ‘Transaction Keys’ while setting OBYC? 
28.  What is a Business Area? 
29.  What is a Cost Center?
30.  What is a Profit Center? 
31.  How to create Tax calculation procedure in MM? 
32.  How is scrap material taken care of in sub-contracting? 
33.  How are the by-products taken care of in sub-contracting? 
34.  What are the commonly used movement types in Sub-Contracting process?
35.  What are accounting entries in standard sub-contracting process? 
36.  What are the possible values of procurement type in Material Master?
37.  What are the requirements for an ‘MRP Run’?
38.  What is a MRP Area? 
39.  What is MRP list? 
40.  What MRP procedures in Consumption Based Planning?
41.  What is the difference between standard purchasing organization and reference purchasing organization?
42.  Why do we use document types in SAP?
43.  Can we receive the goods before the scheduled delivery date in scheduling agreement? 
44.  Can changes be made in PO once it is released? 
45.  What is the use of ‘Info Update’ indicator in purchasing documents?
46.  What is a Material Ledger?
47.  What is a ‘Return Delivery’? 
48.  How to deactivate a vendor so that it cannot be used for further transactions?
49.  What is EAN? 
50.  What are basic tables used for Material Master?