65 TOP SAP ABAP Webdynpro Interview Questions and Answers pdf

List of top 65 SAP Webdynpro Interview Questions and answers for freshers beginners and experienced PDF
1)   Types of ABAP UI Technologies
2)   MVC Architecture Concepts and usage of the same in ABAP Webdynpro 
3)   Difference Between the View Container and the Transparent Container
4)   What does a Model Class Consists of?
5)   What is an Assistance Class and How is it Instantiated in Webdynpro
6)   Design Patterns in Webdynpro(GAF,OIF,QAF Etc)
7)   How do you debug an web based Application
8)   How do you create a ALV Report/Editable ALV in Webdynpro
9)   How do you Navigate between Views in Webdynpro
10)  Usage of Plugs in Webdynpro
11)  Usage of Webdynpro Component Controller
12)  How do you access a Context Nodes and elements Programmatically
13)  Message Areas in Webdynpro
14)  Concept of OTR(Online Text Repository) and its Usage
15)  Concept of Interface Views
16)  Sequence of Webdynpro Events:
17)  Can a Component have Multiple Applications
18)  How do you launch a Webdynpro Application from a Transaction
19)  How do you Navigate between two Webdynpro Components
20)  Creating a tree in Webdynpro
21)  Usage of Exit Plug in a Webdynpro Window
22)  Why FQDN(Frequently Qualified Domain Name) is necessary for running Webdynpro Applications
21)  Standard ALV Component required to create ALV Reports in Webydnpro
22)  How do you build Select Options in Webdynpro
23)  How do you build F4 Search Help in Webdynpro
24)  How are Plugs(Inbound/Outbound) bounded in the Window
25)  How do you Control the visibility of the Webdynpro UI elements Programmatically.
26)  What is the use of Interface views/nodes in Webdynpro.
27)  How do you navigate between different Webdynpro applications
28)  What are the webdynpro init  events and what is the sequence of trigger
29)  How are Error messages created and handled in webdynpro
30)  What is an OTR and mention its usage in Webdynpro
31)  Can text elements be used in webdynpro, if yes how?
32)  What is the use of Road Map UI element
33)  What are exit plugs?How are they created?
34)  Is it possible to hide F4 function for an Input element programmatically?
35)  How do Webydnpro Upload and download functions work, Explain.
36)  Explain the concept of Road Map UI element in Webdynpro.
37)  How to create popups in webdynpro.
38)  Explain the concept of OVS and its usage
39)  Using Radio Buttons/Checkboxes/Dropdown lists in webdynpro
40)  FPM Concept and its usage in webdynpro.->>>>Refer to the link
41)  what is internationalization in webdynpro abap application?
42)  What is Cardinality of a context node in webdynpro
43)  what is Personalization in abap webdynpro application
44)  what are the controller types in webdynpro ABAP
45)  what are Layout types in Webdynpro and its usage
46)  what is supply function method in SAP
47)  what is singleton property of context node
48)  How to default a value to the context attribute
49)  Web Dynpro Applications are built on Which Programming Technique and What Pattern are followed ?
50)  What is View Assembly ?
51)  What is Face Less component ?
52)  What are the types of Controller? Describe ?
53)  What are Recursion Nodes ?
54)  What is an Empty View ?
55)  How does the Web Dynpro framework decide which particular views make up the current view assembly ?
56)  Main advantages of the original MVC design ?
57)  If the view set concept is not implemented in Web Dynpro for ABAP, what options are there for reusing views ?
58)  What is a View Set ?
59)  How is model-driven architecture implemented in Web Dynpro framework ?
60)  What is Meta Model Concept ?
61)  What do you mean by Lifespan of a Web Dynpro Application ?
62)  How can you determine Lifespan of custom controllers ?
63)  Why would a component need multiple windows ?
64)  Explain the Concept of Lazy Data Access.
65)  Before a mapping relationship can be established, what criteria must be met ?