Difference between InfoSet and Multiprovider. | SAP BI Interview Questions

a) The operation in Multiprovider is “Union” where as in Infoset it is either “inner join” or “Outer join”.
b) You can add Info-cube, ODS, Info-object in Multiprovider whereas in an Infoset you can only have ODS and Info-object.
c) An Infoset is an Info-provider that joins data from ODS and Info-objects( with master data). The join may be a outer join or a inner join. Whereas a Multiprovider is created on all types of Infoproviders – Cubes, ODS, Info-object. These InfoProviders are connected to one another by a union operation.
d) A union operation is used to combine the data from these objects into a MultiProvider. Here, the system constructs the union set of the data sets involved. In other words, all values of these data sets are combined. As a comparison: InfoSets are created using joins. These joins only combine values that appear in both tables. In contrast to a union, joins form the intersection of the tables.