How to transport BW object? | SAP BI Interview Questions

Follow the steps:
i. RSA1 > Transport connection
ii. In the right window there is a category “all object according to type”
iii. Select required object you want to transport.
iv. Expand that object, there is select object, double click on this you will get the number of objects, select yours one.
v. Continue.
vi. Go with the selection, select all your required objects you want to transport.
vii. There is icon Transport Object (Truck Symbol).
viii. Click that, it will create one request, note it down this request.
ix. Go to Transport Organizer (T.code SE01).
x. In the display tab, enter the Request, and then go with display.
xi. Check your transport request whether contains the required objects or not, if not go with edit, if yes “Release” that request.
That’s it; your coordinator/Basis person will move this request to Quality or Production.