MSBI: SSIS, SSRS, SSAS Interview Questions and Answers

Below is the list of latest and updated MS BI - SSIS, SSRS, SSAS interview questions and their answers for freshers as well as experienced users. These interview questions will help you to prepare for the interviews, So let's start....
1.  What do we mean by dataflow in SSIS?
2.  What is a breakpoint in SSIS? How is it setup? How do you disable it?
3.  Can you name 5 or more of the native SSIS connection managers?
4.  What is the use of Bulk Insert Task in SSIS?
5.  What is Conditional Split transformation in SSIS?
6.  How do you eliminate quotes from being uploaded from a flat file to SQL Server? 
7.  Can you explain how to setup a checkpoint file in SSIS?
8.  What are the different values you can set for CheckpointUsage property ?
9.  What is the ONLY Property you need to set on TASKS in order to configure CHECKPOINTS to RESTART package from failure?
10. Where can we set the CHECKPOINTS, in DataFlow or ControlFlow ?
11. Can you explain different options for dynamic configurations in SSIS?
12. What is the use of Percentage Sampling transformation in SSIS?
13. What is the use of Term Extraction transformation in SSIS?
14. What is Data Viewer and what are the different types of Data Viewers in SSIS?
15. What is Ignore Failure option in SSIS?
16. Which are the different types of Control Flow components in SSIS?
17. What are containers? What are the different types of containers in SSIS?
18. What are the different types of Data flow components in SSIS?
19. What are the different types of data sources available in SSIS?
20. What is SSIS Designer?
21. What is Control Flow tab?
22. What is Data Flow tab?
23. What is the function of control flow tab in SSIS?
24. What is the function of Event handlers tab in SSIS?
25. What is the function of Package explorer tab in SSIS?
26. What is Solution Explorer?
27. How do we convert data type in SSIS?
28. How are variables useful in ssis package?
29. Explain Aggregate Transformation in SSIS?
30. Explain Audit Transformation ?
31. Explain Character Map Transformation?
32. Explain Conditional split Transformation ?
33. Explain Copy column Transformation?
34. Explain Data conversion Transformation?
35. Explain Data Mining query Transformation?
36. Explain Derived column Transformation?
37. Explain Merge Transformation?
38. Explain Merge Join Transformation?
39. Explain Multicast Transformation?
40. Explain Percentage and row sampling Transformations?
41. Explain Sort Transformation?
42. Explain Union all Transformation?
43. What r the possible locations to save SSIS package?
44. What is a package?
45. What is a workflow in SSIS?
46. What is the diff between control flow Items and data flow Items?
47. What are the main component of SSIS(project-architecture)?
48. Different components in SSIS package?
49. What are Connection Managers?
50. What is environment variable in SSIS?
51. How to provide securIty to packages?
52. What are Precedence constraints?
53. What is Design time Deployment in SSIS ?


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