Performance monitoring and analysis tools in BW .

System Trace: Transaction ST01 lets you do various levels of system trace such as authorization checks, SQL traces, table/buffer trace etc. It is a general Basis tool but can be leveraged for BW.
Workload Analysis: You use transaction code ST03
Database Performance Analysis: Transaction ST04 gives you all that you need to know about what’s happening at the database level.
Performance Analysis: Transaction ST05 enables you to do performance traces in different are as namely SQL trace, Enqueue trace, RFC trace and buffer trace.
BW Technical Content Analysis: SAP Standard Business Content 0BWTCT that needs to be activated. It contains several InfoCubes, ODS Objects and MultiProviders and contains a variety of performance related information.
BW Monitor: You can get to it independently of an InfoPackage by running transaction RSMO or via an InfoPackage. An important feature of this tool is the ability to retrieve important IDoc information.
ABAP Runtime Analysis Tool: Use transaction SE30 to do a runtime analysis of a transaction, program or function module. It is a very helpful tool if you know the program or routine that you suspect is causing a performance bottleneck.