50 TOP J2EE Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

The Below List of 50 TOP Java J2EE Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1.  What exception is thrown when Servlet initialization fails ?
2.  How can a Servlet call a JSP error page ?
3.  What is the key difference between using a and HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect()?
4.  Why beans are used in J2EE architecture in stead of writing all the code in JSPs ?
5.  Purpose of tag ________.
6.  The time between Command Execution and Response is called ______.
7.  At what stage, the life cycle of a CMP bean can be assumed to be started ?
8.  In JSP, how can you know what HTTP method (GET or POST) is used by client request ?
9.  What is legal about JSP scriplets
10. Which method is called first each time a Servlet is invoked ?
11. Which of the following statements is true about Java ME?
12. What is a configuration?
13. What is a profile?
14. The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Profile is based on:
15. The Foundation profile:
16. The RMI profile is meant to be used with:
17. The CLDC does not address user interface issues. They are left to be handled by the:
18. Which of the following network connections is supported by MIDP?
19. A Java ME-enabled device:
20. A device that currently uses CLDC (and therefore has a profile) can use that profile with CDC without modification.
21. In the CDC, user interface issues are handled by the:
22. The CDC targets devices with _______ of total memory available for the Java platform, including both RAM and flash or ROM.
23. The Java Virtual Machine1 specified to be used with the CDC is:
24. In MIDP, the maximum length of a record store name is:
25. Is it possible to determine the contents of a JAR file before is it downloaded to a device?
26. The CDC and Foundation make corrections to the J2SE libraries by removing all noncritical, deprecated APIs.
27. Which of the following network connections is supported by the CDC?
28. Which of the following network connections is supported by the Foundation profile?
29. What compilation option should be used when compiling Java ME applications?
30. Which of the following areas are being investigated by the MIDP Next Generation?
31. A midlet is a Java class that extends the abstract class: 
32. Which one of the following methods of the MIDlet abstract class must be implemented by a midlet:
33. After compiling your midlet, you must process it with a command to ensure that it is valid before use by the Kilo virtual machine (KVM). What is the name of that command? 
34. A Java Application Descriptor (JAD) file is a text file that is similar to a manifest, except that it is not packaged in a JAR file. Some of the shared attributes that must have identical values are: MIDlet-Name, MIDlet-Version, and MIDlet-Vendor. If any shared attributes are different, then: 
35. When downloading application descriptors (.jad files) from a web server, the web server must return a MIME type of: 
36. A midlet suite is a set of midlets that are packed together into a single JAR file. Midlets within the same suite: 
37. Midlets from different suites:
38. What is the difference between a configuration (such as the CLDC) and a profile (such as the MIDP)? 
39. All MIDP implementations are required to support what image format? 
40. If a midlet needs to receive high-level events from the implementation, which interface should it implement? 
41. All MIDP GUI classes are contained in what package? 
42. The MIDP user interface API is a subset of the AWT/ Project Swing libraries. 
43. Which class would you use to write applications to access low-level input events or to issue graphics calls for drawing to the display? 
44. Which of the following statements is true regarding the Generic Connection framework: 
45. The heart of the Generic Connection framework is: 
46. What is the correct syntax, using the Generic Connection framework, to open an HTTP connection: 
47. The MIDP provides a mechanism for MIDlets to persistently store data in a platform-dependent file and retrieve it later. This mechanism is:
48. A Java virtual machine1 (JVM) supporting CLDC has no support for: 
49. Which of the following non-exception classes are inherited from the Java 2 Standard Edition 1.3 java.util package by the CLDC: 
50. Which of the following techniques can be used for wireless session tracking?