60 TOP Loadrunner Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf free download

Latest 60 TOP Loadrunner Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1.  What is the programming term for a series of statements grouped together to perform a specific task
2.  You want to create a Microsoft Word document for your web (HTTP/HTML) script that provides a list of transactions, rendezvous, parameters and step descriptions. How can this be accomplished?
3.  Which operator is used for AND?
4.  What is the programming term for different values at different times?
5.  What is the purpose of the strcat function?
6.  Which function marks the ending of a measurement of elapsed time?
7.  Which function allows you to capture dynamic values returned from the server?
8.  What is the output of the following code snippet?
9.  Which type of script is a higher level that records in Browser or Context Sensitive mode when using the web protocol in VuGen?
10. You have created several new Auto Correlation rules. A new tester on your team is preparing to record a group of scripts on the same application on his workstation. What can you do to provide the tester with the correlation rules?
11. What must you do before attempting to automatically correlate after recording?
12. For debugging purposes, you would like to show a browser during replay. Where do you enable this option?
13. When performing a manual correlation, where do you search for the dynamic value?
14. When do you need to add correlation to your script?
15. What is the purpose of the atom function?
16. What is the programming term for a value that cannot be changed?
17. Where should you add a web_reg_save_param function to a script?
18. You want to emulate a call center for an airline. All representatives login in the morning, perform their business processes, and log out at night. In one day, a representative will Create 40 flight reservations, Modify 10 flight reservations, and Sea 
19. Which function allows you to register a search for a text string for the next Action function?
20. You want to have your script always check for the following text on every page: "Sorry. Portlet is currently unavailable. Please try again later". What is the most efficient way to accomplish this?
21. Which section in a VuGen script is executed only one time, during Vuser initialization?
22. During which stage is it recommended that the visual cues for verification be established?
23. Which function marks the beginning of a measurement of elapsed time?
24. You want to have each step in your script measured as a transaction in the Controller and not shown in the Replay Log in VuGen. How can you accomplish this?
25. You want to send a message to the log file, Replay Log, and Controller Output window. Which function should you use?
26. What is used as an end-to-end measurement of time elapsed when one or more steps in a business process have been completed?
27. Which web protocol recording level generates the web_submit_form function?
28. Which arithmetic operator is used to increment the value of a variable by one?
29. One reason for parameterizing data in a script is to vary one value for an object when another object on the application changes. A common example is username and password. Varying the username requires you to change the password. What is this type of 
30. Where do you define an Auto Correlation rule?
31. Which run-time setting node is available to all protocols?
32. What is the first stage of load testing process?
33. When analyzing a technical aspect of a system under test, which group is a helpful source of information?
34. Which file type has an extension .lrr?
35. You are a LoadRunner expert consultant and have been assigned to a client that needs to performance test an application that has not yet been released. How can you obtain information about the application anticipated load?
36. Which LoadRunner component runs the vuser that generates the load?
37. You are running a 3-tier web application. With which component must the load generator(s) communicate?
38. Which statement is an example of a conceptual goal?
39. Which term defines the end-to-end measurement of time when one or more steps are completed?
40. During the analysis of a scenario, you realize that the hits per second become flat as Vusers continue to increase. What is likely to cause?
41. Which scenario type helps you plan for future growth and provides a safety factor with the application?
42. What is an example of a stress test?
43. What is the first indication of a performance problem?
44. You are meeting a new LoadRunner customer. The application under test is a call center application used by the customer representatives. The representatives are located in Phoenix, AZ and Columbus, OH. A large customer base resides in Flagstaff, AZ an
45. Which file defines the Vusers to execute, the number of Vusers to run, the goals of the test, the computer that hosts the Vusers, and the conditions under which to run the load test?
46. What is an external data source?
47. What are the main types of service level agreements available in the Controller and Analysis?
48. Which performance test objective is met when determining the cause of performance degradation?
49. What is NOT an advantages of using automated load tests over manual load tests?
50. Which tool is used to manage and maintain a scenario?
51. Which Analysis graph details transaction response times throughout the test?
52. Which types of reports can be automatically generated in the Analysis tool?
53. Which graph can analyze each web page component's relative server and network time?
54. What does the image shown in the exhibit represent?
55. Which option in the Analysis tool allows you to focus on a specific measurement within your graph?
56. Which Analysis graph identifies web pages that take the most time; isolates where time is spent; and helps in identifying DNS resolution, SSL, and connection issues?
57. You are running a test and notice that during the ramp up, the response times are beginning to drastically increase. How can you instruct LoadRunner to stop ramping up Vusers and hold the current number?
58. During the run of a scenario, which LoadRunner component stores the performance monitoring data?
59. Which scenario allows LoadRunner to automatically manage the Vusers?
60. Which scenario execution run is used to verity the load limit before more resources are required?

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