80 TOP C#.Net Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf

Latest 80 TOP C#.Net Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1.  CLR is the .NET equivalent of _________.
2.  The CLR is physically represented by an assembly named _______
3.  SOAP stands for __________.
4.  The ____ language allows more than one method in a single class
5.  In C#, a subroutine is called a ________.
6.  All C# applications begin execution by calling the _____ method.
7.  A _______ is an identifier that denotes a storage location
8.  _________ are reserved, and cannot be used as identifiers.
9.  Boxing converts a value type on the stack to an ______ on the heap.
10. The character pair ?: is a________________available in C#.
11. In C#, all binary operators are ______.
12. An _______ is a symbol that tells the computer to perform certain mathematical or logical manipulations.
13. A _____ is any valid C# variable ending with a colon.
14. C# has _______ operator, useful for making two way decisions.
15. ________causes the loop to continue with the next iteration after skipping any statements in between.
16. An ____ is a group of contiguous or related data items that share a common name.
17. Arrays in C# are ______ objects
18. Multidimensional arrays are sometimes called _______ Arrays.
19. ______ parameters are used to pass results back to the calling method.
20. The formal-parameter-list is always enclosed in _______.
21. _______ variables are visible only in the block they are declared.
22. C# does not support _____ constructors.
23. A structure in C# provides a unique way of packing together data of ______ types.
24. Struct’s data members are ____________ by default.
25. A _______ creates an object by copying variables from another object.
26. The methods that have the same name, but different parameter lists and different definitions is called______.
27. The C# provides special methods known as _____ methods to provide access to data members.
28. When an instance method declaration includes the abstract modifier, the method is said to be an ______.
29. The theory of _____ implies that user can control the access to a class, method, or variable.
30. Inheritance is ______ in nature.
31. The point at which an exception is thrown is called the _______.
32. In C#, having unreachable code is always an _____.
33. C# treats the multiple catch statements like cases in a _____________ statement.
34. C# supports a technique known as________, which allows a method to specify explicitly the name of the interface it is implementing.
35. The reason that C# does not support multiple inheritances is because of ______.
36. _______ is a set of devices through which a user communicates with a system using interactive set of commands.
37. Exponential formatting character (‘E’ or ‘e’) converts a given value to string in the form of _______.
38. The ______ are the Graphical User Interface (GUI) components created for web based interactions..
39. In Microsoft Visual Studio, ______ technology and a programming language such as C# is used to create a Web based application.
40. The controls available in the tool box of the ______ are used to create the user interface of a web based application.
41. The infrastructure that supports these dynamic operations at run time is called the__________.
42. The___________keyword is new to C# 4.0, and is used to tell the compiler that a variable's type can change or that it is not known until runtime.
43. _______ methods are not supported for dynamic types.
44. myMobile.Accept(55, inReject: false); Above statement is an example of which new concept of C# 4.0?
45. COM Interop is simplified in C#4.0 e.g.var doc = Application.GetDocument("MyFile.txt"); In above statement_______ keyword was essential in parameters of GetDocument() in previous versions of C#.
46. Covariance and Contravariance are new features introduced in C# 4.0.True/False?
47. ______ parameters allows you to give a method parameter a default value so that you do not have to specify it every time you call the method.
48. Duck typing is implemented by using_________ keyword.
49. Web Forms consists of a _______ and a _________ .
50. The ______ parentheses that follow _____ indicate that no information is passed to Main ().
51. Is it possible to store multiple data types in System.Array?
52. What is the wild card character in the SQL "like" statement?
53. Which of the following is the root of the .NET type hierarchy?
54. C# doesnot support:
55. Your company uses Visual Studio.NET 2005 as its application development platform. You are developing an application using the .NET Framework 2.0. You are required to use a datatype that will store only numbers ranging from -32,768 to 32,767. Which of the following datatypes will you use to accomplish the task?
56. Which of the following jobs are NOT performed by Garbage Collector?
57. Which of the following statements is correct about Managed Code?
58. How does assembly versioning in .NET prevent DLL Hell?  
59. Which of the following is/are not types of arrays in C#?
60. A variable which is declared inside a method is called a________variable
61. Two methods with the same name but with different parameters.
62. Which file contains configuration data for each unique URl resource used in project?
63. Features of Read only variables
64. Different ways a method can be overloaded in C#.NET
65. Is it possible to change the value of a variable while debugging a C# application?
66. Which of the following constitutes the .NET Framework?
67. Which of the following statements is correct about the C#.NET program given below?
68. Managed methods will be marked as ------------ in MSIL code
69. Identify which is true
70. Which of the following .NET components can be used to remove unused references from the managed heap?
71. A local variable
72. An instance variable
73. Private Button print = new button();
74. An instance method
75. A Constructor
76. class Test: Form { }
77. A variable declared inside a method is called a________variable
78. Defining two methods with the same name but with different parameters is called.
79. Find any errors in the following BankAccount constructor: Public int BankAccount() { balance = 0; }
80. In the body of a method, C# uses the variable named_____to refer to the current object whose method is being invoked

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