80 TOP SAP FICO Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of Below SAP FICO Certification Questions, SAP FICO Objective type Questions and Answers
1.  The length of G/L account number should be mentioned in
2.  The G/L account becomes a complete G/L account
3.  If we are using the same chart of account in more than one company code
4.  The appearance of the company code segment of a G/L account is based on
5.  The appearance of an account master data is based on
6.  Creation of duplicate accounts in A/P can be prevented by using
7.  Which of the following statements are true, when you are considering the major controls of document types
8.  Which of the following statements are true
9.  By mentioning the base line date, cash discount periods, and cash discount percentage rate in payment terms, system will calculate
10. R/3 system contains
11. All data and programs are contained in
12. SAP business object consists of
13. Maximum number of sessions a user can open when he logs on to SAP
14. Fiscal year can be
15. Fiscal year which is a calendar year can have
16. Shortened fiscal year can have
17. Company code can have
18. Postings in a company code are done in G/L account of
19. Retained earnings account is
20. Which of the following statements is true
21. State which of the following is true in relation to SAP features
22. Posting in a G/L account is controlled by
23. Which of the following is true
24. Which of the following is true
25. Which of the following are correct with respect to your G/L account house bank name
26. The G/L account for a bank is linked to
27. One bank account is mapped in SAP to
28. Every company code can have following combinations as chart of accounts (COA)
29. Each G/L account code in group COA can be mapped to following no. of account codes in operating COA
30. Each account code in alternate COA can be mapped to following no. of account codes in operating COA
31. Following fields form part of the chart of account segment of a general ledger account master
32. Customer master has following segments
33. The relationship between house bank and account id is the following
34. Business area once defined is available for use to
35. If a general ledger account is defined using a sample account, following data is referenced from the sample account
36. While creating a sample account, following information may be entered
37. A G/L account can be blocked for the following purposes
38. Customer and vendors are defined in SAP at following level
39. Which of the following is true in terms of vendor and customer master
40. A customer account can be blocked for the following purposes
41. In the payment process, automatic options to the users are
42. Which of the statements on payment program are correct
43. The maximum dunning levels can be defined in dunning procedure are
44. Individual value adjustment for doubtful receivables are possible
45. Foreign currency valuation is possible
46. Depreciation postings can be executed
47. Account groups are used to control the following properties
48. You can post transactions to an account in any currency only if
49. You can carry forward P&L account balances to
50. Default exchange rate picked up during FI document is
51. You can clear open items only when they have same
52. Foreign currency valuations on G/L accounts are performed on the following accounts
53. You can display account balances of several related accounts through 
54. You run BA/PC adjustments for
55. Fast entry screens in FI are used to enter
56. Easily entered document entry templates are called
57. Posting keys are used to decide
58. How many parallel currencies are possible and at what level they are assigned?
59. Cross company code transactions are carried out between company codes 0001 and 0002 in the year 1999. The accounting document created for 0001 is 9800005210 and that for 0002 is 9800004236. This is created from company code 0001. The cross company code number generated is
60. When you reverse a posted document, the document number must be
61. Financial statements can be generated in
62. The views maintained for vendor master data are
63. Group key assigned to vendor master records control the following
64. Posting through a special ledger indicator affects
65. Check management with relation to outgoing payments is possible for open items for
66. If you do not want to enter a document with provision for updating the ledger on approval from authorized officials, you use the following functionality
67. Accounting for down payment request involves
68. Business area is determined for accounting documents generated automatically from logistics modules are on the basis of
69. When you carry out regrouping through AR or AP, the following activities are performed
70. When you carry out automatic payment, bank through which payment is effected is based on
71. Payment needs to be made against invoices with payment blocks created during invoice verification. Payment block can be removed by
72. In SAP, a bill of exchange receivable items is cleared during
73. In which of the following processes do the original invoices remain as open items
74. How do you assign credit terms while drawing a bill of exchange on your customer?
75. GR/IR account is managed on open item basis, and the indicator balance in LC only is ticked. During a GR, it is credited with $100 (exchange rae USD:INR = 1:40). At the time of invoice receipt, exchange rate is Rs.41 = $1, Uf ckearubg fir $100 is done for the GR/IR account, what is the foreign currency exchange rate posting?
76. What are the different account types in SAP?
77. When several organizational units carry out dunning within a single company code, the SAP entity used to distinguish and control the process is called
78. If you do not want to dun a vendor beyond a particular level
79. If you want to chose a different set of fields in a vendor account line item display, you choose a different
80. What are the three data types in SAP