Cognos Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf free download

List of top 50 IBM Cognos Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers beginners and experienced PDF, Android Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download
1.  What can an administrator use to transfer security data from one location to another using Series 7 namespaces?
2.  What is the minimum requirement for configuring Cognos Office Connection using Smart Client technology with Microsoft Office components?
3.  What is created after the administrator initializes the metric store?
4.  What is stored in the Cognos 8 content store?
5.  Which type of logging indication can show user calls that are made from Cognos 8 components?
6.  How can an administrator ensure that users who are logged on to Cognos 8 are not prompted to log on again when they access PowerCube data?
7.  Which model type enables users to drill down in Analysis Studio?
8.  Why would an administrator want to copy a user profile?
9.  Under what circumstances would full logging level be most appropriately used?
10. At what level should the logging be set to capture the following set of details? user account management and runtime usage of Cognos 8, use requests, and service requests and responses.
11. When the administrator is monitoring the status of services in the server administration tool, what does the list contain?
12. An administrator wants to show the Cognos Connection folder hierarchy in a portlet. Which portlet must the administrator use?
13. What status can no longer process report requests but can accept and process control requests?
14. In Metric Studio, what must an administrator define before initializing the metric store?
15. An administrator configured a Cognos Series 7 authentication provider for use in Cognos 8. What do the Series 7 user classes appear as in Cognos Connection?
16. An administrator creates a shortcut that points to an invoice report. What happens if the invoice report is renamed?
17. A user must be able to only view the contents of the Americas Inventory folder. What permissions must be granted to the user for the folder?
18. The Report Upgrade task in Cognos Connection provides options for upgrading report specifications. Which of the following is one option?
19. An administrator wants to show the folder hierarchy of Cognos Connection in a portlet. Which portlet must the administrator use?
20. When an administrator exports entries from Cognos 8, what file gets created?
21. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the implementation of object security in Framework Manager?
22. In Report Studio, why would an author set the scope when creating a filter?
23. Based on the following graphic from Report Studio, what items can be accessed in the Members folder under Quarter?
24. In Report Studio, where does a modeler enable or disable drill behavior on multi-dimensional data?
25. In Framework Manager, when using star schema groupings in the business view, conformed dimensions can be identified by which one of the following?
26. Which of the following utilities can be used to update PowerCubes without affecting users?
27. Which of the following techniques can be used to improve performance of PowerCubes in Cognos 8 BI?
28. In Report Studio, in which situation is it most appropriate to use a Repeater Table?
29. In Report Studio, an author wants the cities listed in the City prompt to be based on the Country selected in the Country prompt. What property must the author define to accomplish this?
30. What is true of a Framework Manager model of an operational database lacking a time dimension?
31. In Report Studio, based on the above crosstab, which relationship is true?
32. The following report was created in Report Studio using a relational package and shows revenue by sales rep, city, and country. What will the report show if the author creates a detail filter for Revenue>500,000 and applies the filter BEFORE auto aggregation?
33. In Report Studio, if an author wants to add Revenue to a report, where can the author find Revenue if the package is based on an OLAP data source?
34. If authors want to perform OLAP-style queries directly against a relational database, which Framework Manager modeling technique will a modeler use?
35. In Report Studio, when would an author use the Condition Explorer?
36. In Report Studio, a modeler wants to create a calculation using items that exist in the current report. On which tab are these items available?
37. The groups and roles defined in the Cognos namespace can be used to assign access rights to which of the following Framework Manager objects?
38. In Report Studio, which item could be found in a package containing either relationally modeled data or dimensionally modeled relational data?
39. Which of the following is correct regarding the Cognos 8 security environment?
40. What technique can Framework Manager modelers use to implement a time dimension for models that lack a time dimension?
41. Which of the following is true when Cognos 8 gateway receives a request?
42. Which of the following is true about Cognos 8 dispatchers?
43. Which Cognos 8 Service makes external JNI calls?
44. On the customer's Content Manager Server, the IT department has installed the 64bit Oracle Client.What best describes the use of a 64bit Oracle Client with the Cognos 8 product?
45. What is a portlet?
46. What communication protocol is used between the Web Server and the Cognos 8 dispatcher?
47. Which Cognos 8 Service runs outside the servlet container?
48. What is true about the Cognos gateway?
49. Which DB2 environment variables are required for a UNIX Cognos 8 install?
50. Which driver does a Content Manager use to communicate to an Oracle Content Store?