30 TOP ETL Testing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf

Latest TOP 30 ETL Testing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1.  All data in flat file is in this format.
2.  It is used to push data into a relation database table. This control will be the destination for most fact table data flows.
3.  Logical Data Maps
4.  Data access methods.
5.  OLTP Standsfor ______?
6.  COBOL Standsfor ______?
7.  What ETL Stands for
8.  The source system initiates the data transfer for the ETL process. This method is uncommon in practice, as each system would have to move the data to the ETL process individually.
9.  Sentinel Files
10. Checkpoints
11. Mainframe systems use this. This requires a conversion to the more common ASCII format.
12. Ultimate flexibility, unit testing is available, usually poor documentation.
13. Conditional Split
14. Flat files
15. This is used to create multiple streams within a data flow from a single stream. All records in the stream are sent down all paths. Typically uses a merge-join to recombine the streams later in the data flow.
16. There are little to no benefits to the ETL developer when accessing these types of systems and many detriments. The ability to access these systems is very limited and typically FTP of text files is used to facilitate access.
17. Shows the path to the file to be imported.
18. Wheel is already invented, documented, good support.
19. Similar to XML's structured text file.
20. Flat file control
21. Two methods to ensure data integrity.
22. Transformation
23. Three common usages of ETL.
24. Load in Parallel
25. This can be computationally expensive excluding SSD.
26. A value of delimited shou;d be selected for delimited files.
27. This should be check if column name have been included in the first row of the file.
28. This control simulates the inner, left and outer joins found in SQL. This requires the sort control prior to this control. → Sort
29. By running a sample test in production, a developer can insure that the ETL process is correct and will not experience any unforeseen issues when migrated to production. → Test in production
30. Operate with RAM which is a limited resource. → Excess Fields in data flow stream