50 Top Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers pdf

Latest 50 desktop support interview questions and answers for freshers beginners and experienced pdf free download.
1)    What is active directory?
2)    What is DHCP and what it is used for?
3)    What is scope and super scope?
4)    What is DNS?
5)    What is forward and reverse lookup in DNS?
6)    What is ‘A’ record and what is ‘MX record’?
7)    What is IPCONFIG command?
8)    What would you use to connect two computers without using switches?
9)    What is a domain?
10)   Tell me if your system is infected by a virus how you will recover the data?
11)   What is the operating system?
12)   What are the types of operating system or O.S?
13)   Explain about RAS server?
14)   Explain about VPN server?
15)   What is the difference between RAS and VPN server?
16)   What is IAS server?
17)   What is Ping command?
18)   What do you mean by clustering? What are the benefits?
19)   What is a group?
20)   What is a child domain?
21)   What are the benefits of a child domain?
22)   What is OU?
23)   Explain group policy?
24)   What is the difference between permission, rights and policy?
25)   What is DC and ADC stands for?
26)   What is the difference between DC (Domain controller) and ADC ( Additional Domain Controller)?
27)   What are the operational roles for DC (Domain controller) and ADC ( Additional Domain Controller)?
28)   What is a “Default Gateway”?
29)   How you can take backup of emails in ms outlook?
30)   What is trusting domain and trusted domain?
31)   What is BUS speed?
32)   Name the Active Directory Partitions?
33)   What is Fixboot?
34)   How many logical drive is it possible to fit on to a physical disk?
35)   What is B Router?
36)   What is the major difference you can mention about Gateway and Router?
37)   What is packet?
38)   What is SCSI?
39)   How many classes are there for “IP addresses” and what are the ranges?
40)   Explain the term FIXMBR?
41)   Explain the term SID?
42)   What is the difference between incremental backup and differential backup?
43)   What is the difference between server OS and desktop OS?
44)   What is the difference between the MSI file and .EXE file?
45)   What is BSOD? How do you troubleshoot it?
46)   What is PTR (Program Troube Record) record?
47)   What is reservation?
48)   What is SMTP server or POP server?
49)   What is RIS and why you use RIS?
50)   What is “Bootloader”?