50 TOP Latest COBOL Interview Questions and Answers pdf

Most frequently asked 50 TOP COBOL Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1.  What is COBOL?
2.  What are the different data types in COBOL?
3.  What is the difference between subscript and index?
4.  What is the difference between performing a SECTION and a PARAGRAPH?
5.  What is the difference between CONTINUE & NEXT SENTENCE?
6.  What are the different OPEN modes available in Cobol?
7.  What is Static and Dynamic linking?
8.  What is the use of EVALUATE statement?
9.  What is the difference between PERFORM … WITH TEST AFTER and PERFORM … WITH TEST BEFORE?
10. What is the point of the REPLACING option of a copy statement?
11. What kind of error is trapped by ON SIZE ERROR option?
12. What is the difference between Structured COBOL Programming and Object Oriented COBOL programming?
15. What is the use of LINKAGE SECTION?
16. What are the access modes of START statement?
17. What is an in-line PERFORM?
18. Which division and paragraphs are mandatory for a COBOL program?
19. What is the difference between Global and External Variables?
20. What is Pic 9v99 Indicates?
21. What guidelines should be followed to write a structured COBOL program?
22. How do we get current date from system with century?
23. What are all the divisions of a COBOL program?
24. What is a SSRANGE and NOSSRANGE?
25. What is COMP-1? COMP-2?
26. What is the difference between PIC 9.99 and PIC9v99?
27. What is the Purpose of Pointer in the string?
28. What is binary search?
29. What is the difference between a binary search and a sequential search?
30. Can a Search can be done on a table with or without Index?
31. What are the different rules to perform a Search?
32. Which is the default, TEST BEFORE or TEST AFTER for a PERFORM statement?
33. What are the different rules of SORT operation?
34. A table has two indexes defined. Which one will be used by the SEARCH?
35. When is a scope terminator mandatory?
36. Why is it necessary that file needs to be opened in I-O mode for REWRITE?
37. How can we find that module can be called – whether DYNAMICALLY or STATICALLY?
38. Which Search verb is equivalent to PERFORM…VARYING?
39. How many Sections are there in Data Division?
40. What is the difference between comp and comp-3 usage?
41. What does Exit do?
42. Give some examples of command terminators?
43. What is the difference between Call and a Link?
44. Which mode is used to operate the sequential file?
45. How many bytes S(8) comp field occupy and its maximum value?
46. How arrays can be defined in COBOL?
47. What are literals?
48. What is a report item?
49. Can we redefine the field of X(200) to less than 200?
50. What is length is Cobol?