60 TOP Latest SAP SD Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

The Below List of SAP SD Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf free download, SAP SD Certification Questions and Answers
1.     What is the T Code for "list of sales documents"?
2.     Which of the following statements are true about billing?
3.     What is the T Code for "List of deliveries"?
4.     When processing a billing due list, you have the following options:
5.     How does the SAP system enable you to check the reason for documents not being combined in a billing document?
6.     What is the T Code for "Sales order change"?
7.     How is the schedule line determined?
8.     What is the T Code for "Cancel goods issue"?
9.     What is the T Code for "Billing due list"?
10.   Which statements are true about the issue of goods?
11.   The individual physical tables in the SAP Information Warehouse are called what?
12.    I need to be able to fulfill a customer requirement wherein Incoterms in the sales document header is not allowed to be different from the item. Where do I tweak the system to fulfill the requirement?
13.    An organizational unit facilitating differentiation between the various stocks of a material within a plant ?
14.    In SAP, it is possible to vary transaction currency in the header and item level of the sales document
15.    When you enter a sales order you don’t need to specify the sales area immediately. If you don’t, where does the system automatically derive the sales area?
16.    When you are creating a sales order, the system tries to determine the plant from several sources. When checking the customer master data, which partner function does the system check for plant determination?
17.    In controlling which order types are permitted for a particular sales area, configuration is not required if all order types are permitted in all sales areas.
18.    What part of the company is responsible for the type of shipping, the necessary shipping materials and the means of transport?
19.    In availability check, what enterprise structure does the system use as basis?
20.    In the unlikely event that your order contains different partner functions, where does the system check the information to know if the customer accepts delivery on a certain day and time?
21.    Cost elements classify an organization’s valuated consumption of production factors within a controlling area. A cost element corresponds to a cost-relevant item in the chart of accounts. Which of the following are types of cost elements?
22.    With reference to the controlling module (CO), which of the following statements are true?
23.    Overhead Cost Controlling component enables you to plan, allocate, control, and monitor overhead costs.  Which of the following fall under Overhead Cost Controlling?
24.    You can use different currencies in the Controlling component (CO). Which of the following currencies are valid in Controlling?
25.    Controlling makes use of two different types of controlling objects, True Controlling Objects & Statistical Controlling Objects.
Which of the following are Statistical Controlling Objects?
26.    While working with account assignments, you need to follow certain rules. Which of the following rules need to be followed?
27.    The profit center assignment is also passed on from the sales order through the supply chain: sales order -> delivery note --> goods issue --> billing document. This means that the when a goods issue is posted, the corresponding revenue value for the goods is also passed on to the profit center of the sales order.
28.    Document splitting allows you to display documents using a differentiated representation. In the representation, line items are split according to selected dimensions. In this way, you can draw up complete financial statements for the selected dimensions at any time.
Which of the following functions are part of document splitting?
29.    You are not able to create preliminary cost estimate for the product cost collector. What could be the reason?
30.    There are several master data in CO-PA. This includes Characteristic derivation & valuation. You have been asked to explain the key points of valuation. What are they?
31.    What are common Distribution Channels and common Divisions?
32.    If Invoice Correction Request is to be characterized as Debit Memo, what important changes do you suggest?
33.    How can you prevent Purchase Orders from duplication? That is same purchase Order should not be entered again?
34.    A business needs the cost of free of charge sub-items in Free goods to be transferred to Main Items. How is this possible?
35.    If a Condition Exclusion is activated for a Condition Type for which Condition Supplements are also specified, how would a system react?
36.    What is 3 system landscape?
37.    At which points in Sales and Distribution cycle the system can be set to carry out Automatic Credit Check?
39.    What is the function of Strategy in Substitution reason?
40.    In which Material Determination process is the “Material Entered” also should have material master record?
41.    Which of the following is correct for Lean Warehouse Management System and Warehouse Management System (full fledged)?
42.    When a new account group is created which of the configurations are correct?
43.    A status Group in an Incompletion Procedure specifies that if a document is incomplete it should block?
44.    How is a Pricing Procedure determined?
45.    If the Item numbers of a document have to be copied to another document as it is, then it is configured in?
46.    Backward scheduling is used?
47.    For carrying out Availability Check which of the following acts as main switch?
48.    What is a Back Order?
49.    What is MALA in Storage Location Rule?
50.    For Delivery Item Category, if “Relevant for Picking” is not activated then?
51.    The main difference between Contracts and Scheduling Agreements is?
52.    Which of the following are correct?
53.    Which of the following are correct for Reports?
54.    If the Release order value exceeds Value Contract, how the system should respond may be controlled by?
55.    In a third party order process where do you specify the Purchase Requisition Document Type?
56.    Which of the following tables are correct?
57.    An Account Group determines?
58.    What is a match Code?
59.    What is the relationship between Company Code and Credit Control Area?
60.    A customer buys the products from 3 Company Codes belonging to a group. How many Customer Numbers are required for this customer?