Zend Framework tutorial for beginners step by step

Zend Framework Tutorial for freshers and Experienced pdf free download
=> Zend Framework Basic Tutorial
What is Zend Framework?
Why Zend Framework?
Where you can get it?
Whenever You Need Zend Framework?

=> Learn Zend Framework Intro
Explaining Anatomy of Zend Framework Application
The Application Folder
The Library Folder
The Test folder
The web_root folder
Creating Index.php as Single Access File
Creating Apache .htaccess
Creating Controller
Creating View

=> Learn Zend Framework Action
Dynamic Content
URL Structure and Controller
URL Structure and Action
GET Parameters
Including Header and Footer

=> Learn Zend Framework Database
Creating Input Form
Inputing Data to Database
Inserting Expressions to a table
Creating List of Data
Creating Editing Form
Updating Data
Updating Data Use Update Query From Zend
Deleting Data
Delete Query Style
Summarizing Action Controller

=> Learn Zend Framework Registry
Setting and Reading Values
Storing Array Values
Working with Objects

=> Learn Zend Framework Config
Using Array Configuration
Creating File Configuration
Using INI File Configuration
Using XML File Configuration

=> Learn Zend Framework Login
Preparing Database
Creating Form Login
Creating Authentication
Fatal error Cannot use object of type stdClass as array
Protected Page
Creating Logout
Creating Switching for Front Page

=> Learn Zend Framework Session
Using Namespace
Accessing Session Data
Seing All Values at Namespace
Locking and Unlocking Namespace
Automatic Expiration