32 TOP Drupal Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf

Latest Drupal Objective type Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1. Include PHP code in posts is ________?
2. A CSS file (or files) replacing the default CSS of a theme or engine. Appears in the theme selection list with the same precedence as themes and templates.
3. Which is publishing syndicated content?
4. Which is a way to organize your content?
5. Which is Notifications about new versions of Drupal and contributions?
6.  ---------- is a multi-language support?
7. Which is extending user account information?
8. Which is the name of the whole system and the name of the module that implements it. This used to be the name of the menu item in the admin menu.?
9. Which is a blog for every user?
10. _______ is Capture system events in log?
11. Which is remapping of old-style URLs?
12. Which is congestion control?
13. Which refers to the Drupal files and modules included with the Drupal project download?
14. Which is Drupal sites directory server?
15. Which is collaborate with files?
16.  ------  is create threaded discussions?
17. Which is used for handling filtering of content?
18. What is Input formats for user content?
19. Which is used to notify services of changes?
20. Which is controlling content in the sidebars?
21. Which is monitor your site?
22. Which is OS-integrated logging?
23. Which is a collection of terms that share some sort of relationship with each other.The vocab isn't part of any hierarchy as such.?
24. Which is customize site navigation?
25. Assign actions to system events is _______?
26. Which is a HTML-writer-readable file that is mostly HTML with special codes to substitute in values provided by a engine.?
27. Which allows the user to change the color scheme of certain themes?
28. _______viewing new and updated content?
29. Which of the following is access and management setting?
30. Which is translating posts to different languages?
31. Which of the following is used to post from blog tools?
32. Drupal installation needs ?