35 TOP PERL Scripting Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers pdf

Most Popular PERL Scripting Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download
1. When you're pattern matching, you describe the pattern using:
2. Perl is:
3. The printf format "%6.2f" displays a number …
4. The statement open (FH,"abc.txt");
5. When you create a variable, you may assume it starts off containing:
6. Which brackets do you use to change the order of precedence of operations?
7. Which of the following tests if the string held in $qn includes the word "perl"?
8. Which of these is NOT available for Perl:
9. Perl was first released in:
10. What will be printed by the code below?
11. What is a file handle used for?
12. The "%" operator returns:
13. What is Perl?
14. Which of the following is used in perl?
15. The $_ variable
16. The getdir command
17. The value of the expression $yards += 10
18. $x = @y[2 .. 4]
assigns$x the third, fourth and fifth elements of the y array concatenated together.
19. Which of the following commands will turn a scalar ($str)into an array of characters?
20. <ARGV>
21) In Perl, a/n ________ is a special character or a sequence that will define the number of times the previous character or sequence appears.
22) In Perl, the following will result in which of the following, if the prize is currently "5 dollars" print 'You won $prize';
23) In Perl, the words function and subroutines are used interchangeably.
24) In Perl, which of the following are file handles?
25) In Perl, which switch is used for printing out warnings about typographical errors in your script?
26) In Perl, "stat" returns a thirteen element array with which of the following values?
27) CGI is a programming language.
28) In Perl, scalar variables always begin with a ________ sign.
29. What will be printed by the code below?
30. What will be printed by the code below?
31. What output will be generated by this statement: print("Hello\nworld\n\nThis is Perl\n");?
32. What is the result of this script: $a = "This is Perl"; $b="This is Perl\n\n"; chomp($a); chomp($b);?
33. What will be the value in the variable $a after these two statements: $a = "Hello"; $a = "world";?
34. I want to write an appointment manager program for Microsoft Windows users. It must have a GUI, it must be very fast, and it depends on special GUI features found on only Microsoft Windows. What is the best language for the job?
35. There is another popular scripting language called Python. Like Perl, it reads and runs scripts in one step instead of compiling them ahead of time. What would I need on my computer to use Python?