50 TOP Bugzilla Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf

Most Recently Bugzilla Technical Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf
1. What is Bugzilla?
2. Why should you use Bugzilla? 
3. How to create a Bugzilla Account? 
4. How to manage a Bug Reports with Bugzilla? 
5. What about Account Settings page? 
6. What about Watching Users functionality? 
7. What is about the Bug List page? 
8. Where can I find my user preferences? 
9. What about Email Settings page? 
10. What about Page Footer? 
11. What is Bugzillas features? 
12. How do I change my user name in Bugzilla? 
13. Is Bugzilla web-based or do you have to have specific software or specific operating system on your machine? 
14. How does Bugzilla stack up against other bug-tracking databases? 
15. Does Bugzilla allow the user to track multiple projects? 
16. Does Bugzilla allow attachments (text, screenshots, urls etc)? If yes, are there any that are NOT allowed? 
17. Does Bugzilla allow us to define our own priorities and levels? Do we have complete freedom to change the labels of fields and format of them, and the choice of acceptable values? 
18. Can a user create and save reports? 
19. Can a user modify an existing report and then save it into another name? 
20. Are there any backup features provided? 
21. Are there any security problems with Bugzilla? 
22. How do I set up the email interface to submit/change bugs via email? 
23. I want to manually edit some entries in my database. How? 
24. I think I have set up MySQL permissions correctly, but bugzilla still ca not connect. 
25. Why do I get bizarre errors when trying to submit data, particularly problems with groupset? 
26. I cannot upload anything into the database via the Create Attachment link. What am I doing wrong? 
27. What is Red Hat Bugzilla? 
28. Red Hat Bugzilla - What happens once I enter a bug? 
29. Red Hat Bugzilla - How do I submit a patch? 
30. Camino Project - What to do with a bug or feature request? 
30. Can not I just post a message about the bug/feature in the forum instead? 
31. Why was my bug marked WONTFIX? 
32. Camino Project - I found a bug. What should I do? 
33. I want a new feature. What should I do? 
34. Why has not my bug been fixed yet? 
35. If only some people want a feature, could not it just be a preference? 
36. Red Hat Bugzilla - Are cookies required? 
37. Red Hat Bugzilla - How do I search for a bug? 
38. How do I change a keyword in Bugzilla, once some bugs are using it? 
39. How come even after I delete bugs, the long descriptions show up? 
40. How do I synchronize bug information among multiple different Bugzilla databases? 
41. I think my database might be corrupted, or contain invalid entries. What do I do? 
42. Bugzilla can be used with Oracle? 
43. I try to add myself as a user, but Bugzilla always tells me my password is wrong. 
44. I do not like/want to use Procmail to hand mail off to bug_email.pl. What alternatives do I have? 
45. Does Bugzilla provide record locking when there is simultaneous access to the same bug? Does the second person get a notice that the bug is in use or how are they notified? 
46. Does Bugzilla have the ability to search by word, phrase, compound search? 
47. Has anyone converted Bugzilla to another language to be used in other countries? Is it localizable? 
48. If I just wanted to track certain bugs, as they go through life, can I set it up to alert me via email whenever that bug changes, whether it be owner, status or description etc.? 
49. Is there email notification and if so, what do you see when you get an email? Do you see bug number and title or is it only the number? 
50. Does Bugzilla provide any reporting features, metrics, graphs, etc?