50 TOP Drupal Interview Questions and Answers pdf

Most Recently asked TOP  Drupal Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf
1.  What Is Drupal?
2. What Does Drupal Do?
3. How Does Drupal Scale?
4. What Kind of Support Is Available?
5. How Does Drupal Compare to Commercial CMS Systems?
6. How Does Drupal Compare to Other Open Source CMS Systems?
7. How Does Drupal Compare to Ruby on Rails?
8. Why ca not A Drupal user edit a node they created?
9. What are System requirements for Drupal?
10. How do I access the Drupal admin panel, when the login block is disabled?
11. What is the difference between Core and Contrib?
12. How does caching work in Drupal?
13. How to make my Drupal site offline to public, while it is under construction?
14. How can I install a new theme in Drupal?
15. How to install a new module in Drupal?
16. How can I reset my Drupal admin password
17. How can I change the favicon in my Drupal Site?
18. How can I enable clean URLs in Drupal?
19. How do I get my site to have SEO-friendly URLs?
20. How do I remove the title ‘Navigation’ from the navigation block?
21. How can I translate Drupal to my local language
22. How do I add images to Drupal?
23. How do I show different Drupal themes on different pages?
24. How do you handle upgrades?
25. How can I customize my 404 – Page not found page?
26. How can I add a new Block In Drupal?
27. What does Views do and how do you use it?
28. How can I create a custom region in my Drupal template?
29. How can I add custom PHP codes in my Drupal pages or blocks?
30. How do I Remove Breadcrumbs from my Drupal pages?
31. How can I install Drupal on a local WAMP server?
32. How do I move a Drupal Site from One host/server to another?
33. How to backup my Drupal site?
34. How to Customize my Drupal Syndicate Feed Icon?
35. How to interact with Drupal search system?
36. Explain the menu system in Drupal? Purpose of menus?
37. Explain the FCK Editor?
38. Explain Roles, User and Permissions?
39. How develop custom modules?
40. Which Drush commands you use while development?
41. What is the use of Ctools module?
42. List the SEO modules available in Drupal.
43. How to post videos from mobile to Drupal website?
44. What is a patch in Drupal and how will we apply patch in drupal?
45. How can we modify the form validation of Drupal?
46. How can add the Captcha in registration page for drupal?
47. How to interact with Drupal search system ?
48. What is the use of taxonomy and vocabulary in Drupal?
49. How can we add the new Menu to Drupal Admin section?
50. What modules do you always recommend to your clients?