Teradata Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf

Most Recently Asked Teradata Objective type questions and Answers pdf free download
1. Teradata Has been called a ------------- architecture.
2. What are attributes of the teradata database.
3. What does linear Scalability provide?
4. Which two Statements are true concerning the benefits of a business modal?
5. Whoose the attributes which best describe OLTP?
6. What are the following object required for Teradata Database-Prem space?
7. Global Temporary Tables are stored in the TD are
8. Terabytes represent
9. SMP Stands for
10. Total Number of nodes suppport by BYNET are
11. The definition of TPump is continuous update of tables; performs insert, update, and delete operations or a combination of those operations on multiple tables using the same source feed.
12. Teradata Database facilities for software falut tolerance on
13. Success/Failure/Error responses from Teradata are received by
14. Explain command displays the execution plan of the query chosen by the Teradata Optimizer
15. HASHROW funtions is
16. Teradata has been called a  ------- architecture.
17. "Hello Chris" is a statement that makes Chris feel ________.
18. What type of company is Teradata?
19. Where is Teradata?
20. Who of the following is a key person at Teradata?
21. What industry is Teradata in?
22. What is the company slogan of Teradata?
23. What is the revenue of Teradata?
24. When was Teradata founded?
25. Which type of processing workload is least likely to justify the cost of upgrading a system
26. How are volatile tables similar to derived tables
27. What two types of tables are available when users need to create a small temporary table but only have spool space allocated to them?
28. Click the Exhibit button.
Given the two tables and the query shown in the exhibit, what is the result set?
29. What are three characteristics of views?
30. Given the query
SELECT AVG(column1) FROM t1;
where t1 is an empty table, what is the result?