Visual Basic Objective test Questions and Answers pdf

Latest Visual Basic Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf for freshers and experienced pdf
1. The Visual Basic Code Editor will automatically detect certain types of errors as you are entering code. 
2. Keywords are also referred to as reserved words. 
3. The divide-and-conquer-method of problem solving breaks a problem into large, general pieces first, then refines each piece until the problem is manageable. 
4. Visual Basic responds to events using which of the following? 
5. When the user clicks a button, _________ is triggered. 
6. What property of controls tells the order they receive the focus when the tab key is pressed during run time? 
7. Sizing Handles make it very easy to resize virtually any control when developing applications with Visual Basic. When working in the Form Designer, how are these sizing handles displayed? 
8. The Properties window plays an important role in the development of Visual Basic applications. It is mainly used 
9. When creating a new application in Visual Basic, you are asked to supply a name for the program. If you do not specify a name, a default name is XXXXX XXXXX is this default name? 
10. Which of the properties in a control's list of properties is used to give the control a meaningful name? 
11. Pseudocode is 
12. An algorithm is defined as: 
13. A variable declared inside an event procedure is said to have local scope 
14. A variable declared outside of an event procedure is said to have class-level scope. 
15. Option Explicit requires you to declare every variable before its use. 
16. The value returned by InputBox is a string. 
17. What is the correct statement when declaring and assigning the value of 100 to an Integer variable called numPeople 
18. Which of the following arithmetic operations has the highest level of precedence? 
19. What value will be assigned to the numeric variable x when the following statement is executed? x = 2 + 3 * 4 
20. Which of the following is a valid name for a variable? 
21. Keywords in Visual Basic are words that 
22. To continue a long statement on another line, use: 
23. What is the proper syntax when using a message dialog box? 
24. What will be the output of the following statement? txtBox.Text = FormatCurrency(1234.567) 
25. The following lines of code are correct. If age >= 13 And < 20 Then txtOutput.Text = "You are a teenager." End If 
26. Given that x = 7, y = 2, and z = 4, the following If block will display "TRUE". If (x > y) Or (y > z) Then txtBox.Text = "TRUE" End If 
27. Asc("A") is 65. What is Asc("C")? 
28. Asc("A") is 65. What is displayed by txtBox.Text = Chr(65) & "BC"? 
29. Which of the following expressions has as its value the words "Hello World? surrounded by quotation marks? 
30. Which of the following is true? 
31. Which of the following is a valid Visual Basic conditional statement? 
32. The three main logical operators are ________, _________, and ________. 
33. Which value for x would make the following condition true: x >= 5 
34. Which value for x would make the following condition true: Not (x >= 5) 
35. Which value for x would make the following condition true: (x >= 5) And (x <= 6) 
36. Constructs in which an If block is contained inside another If block are called: 
37. One may use an If block within a Select Case block. 
38. One may use a Select Case block within an If block. 
39. Select Case choices are determined by the value of an expression called a selector. 
40. Items in the value list must evaluate to a literal of the same type as the selector 
41. A single Case statement can contain multiple values. 
42. You can specify a range of values in a Case clause by using the To keyword. 
43. A variable declared inside a Select Case block cannot be referred to by code outside of the block. 
44. Suppose that the selector in a Select Case block is the string variable myVar. Which of the following is NOT a valid Case clause? 
45. Different items appearing in the same value list of a Select Case block must be separated by a ____________. 
46. Which Case clause will be true whenever the value of the selector in a Select Case block is between 1 and 5 or is 8? 
47. Which Case clause will be true whenever the value of the selector in a Select Case block is greater than or equal to 7? 
48. What type of items are valid for use in the value list of a Case clause? 
49. What happens to a variable declared locally inside a Sub procedure after the procedure terminates? 
50. Suppose a variable is passed by reference to a parameter of a Sub procedure, and the parameter has its value changed inside the Sub procedure. What will the value of the variable be after the Sub procedure has executed?