Key differences between Agile and other conventional Methodologies: | Agile Testing Questions

The product that is developed is based upon incremental, rapid cycles rather than sequential methodology which is deployed by conventional models(INCREMNTAL means each release is tested about its functionality and its increments are small and calculative )
Where other methods emphasize on processes and tools, this method stresses on people and interactions. Customer’s point of view is also given a priority as well as developer and tester also has their say in the upbringing of the product
The product should be working as thought and expected ,but its documentation isn’t given a priority
Agile method focuses on an end product which is functional and takes into consideration all the conditions but the documentation isn’t a priority on agile method’s list.
This is also because the developer, tester, and the customer or client are always in conversation and they do know how the product is going to shape up
All Agile method include customer as integral part of the team ,customer clarify the developer about the need requirements and limitations of the product