Explain the general ways of how a CRM can be enhanced?

There are several ways to enhance the CRM system. Some of them are:
- Transaction Launcher
You can add external applications to the CRM WebClient User Interface using the transaction launcher and SAP ITS (Internet Transaction Server). These could be for
-        Web sites of your choice
-        Transactions in an ERP system
-        Administration transactions in the CRM system

- BSP Components Workbench
This is at a technical level and typical changes carried out are e.g. Adding a completely new View.
It assist with the Component Enhancements.

- UI Configuration Tool
Allows to make changes such as:
Adding or removing fields
Changing field labels
Adding Headers
Making fields mandatory
Displaying assignment blocks (direct, lazy)
Customer specific changes to the UI must be performed using a Role Configuration Key

- Easy Enhancement Workbench
Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEWB) is a development tool that does not require technical knowledge to be used.
It automatically creates transportable ABAP objects, updates events and implements BADIs.

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