Is CRM already in place, planned or a potential future need/consideration? If not, from a technical standpoint - why take on the overhead of CRM?

The ERP based solution is geared towards implementations involving a central HCM system running on ERP 6.0 and customers who want a HR specific call center solution to
support HCM Service Delivery.

If so, it is likely that the EIC will ultimately be realized within the context of the SAP CRM Interaction Center. Consideration should also be given to note 1256691 indicating that "the functions provided in Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0 for the Employee Interaction Center component (PA-EIC) constitute the final range of functions."  

SAP's direction is to establish one common shared services platform based on CRM technology and other SAP Business Suite components to offer functions following the
latest business trends such as multi-functional shared services.

The CRM technology will thereby be further leveraged to build this shared services platform in additional to providing functional enhancements for comprehensive scenario coverage across shared service center topics.

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