Ethical Hacking Objective type Questions and Answers pdf

21) Explain what is NTP?
To synchronize clocks of networked computers, NTP (Network Time Protocol) is used.  For its primary means of communication UDP port 123 is used.  Over the public internet NTP can maintain time to within 10 milliseconds

22) Explain what is MIB?
MIB ( Management Information Base ) is a virtual database.  It contains all the formal description about the network objects that can be managed using SNMP.  The MIB database is hierarchical and in MIB each managed objects is addressed through object identifiers (OID).

23) Mention what are the types of password cracking techniques?
The types of password cracking technique includes
AttackBrute Forcing

24) Explain what are the types of hacking stages?
The types of hacking stages are
Gaining AccessEscalating
FilesCovering Tracks

25) Explain what is CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)? How you can prevent this?
CSRF or Cross site request forgery is an attack from a malicious website that will send a request to a web application that a user is already authenticated against from a different website. To prevent CSRF you can append unpredictable challenge token to each request and associate them with user’s session.  It will ensure the developer that the request received is from a valid source.

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