Hiried RSTP and MST Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf

6.Explain TCN in RSTP?
In RSTP, TCN BPDU is not sent to root bridge instead the switch on which the change happens will itself send TCN BPDU to all other switches. BPDU's with their TCN bit set are sent out on all non-edge designated ports.

7.What is the command to change mode to RSTP?
Switch(config)# spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst

8.Explain MST?
Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol maps one or more vlans to single STP instance. Multiple instances of STP can be used with each instance supporting a different group of VLANs. Instance zero is by default on a switch. Any non-mapped Vlan is assigned to instance Zero.

9.What is MST region?
Every switch in a MST region runs MST with compatible parameters. Within the region, all switches must run the instance of MST that is defined by the following attributes:
1. MST configuration name.
2. MST configuration revision number.
3. MST instance-to-VLAN mapping table.
If two switches have the same set of attributes, they belong to the same MST region.

10.How two MST regions communicate?
Two MST regions communicate through CST (Common Spanning Tree).