Hiried SAP Solman Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf

16. When Solution Manager is initially set up, it transfers complete Landscape from SLD to LMDB in Solution Manager, this also includes the information from Software catalog?
A. True
B. False
Answer : A

17. In SAP Solution Manager, using template management you can create templates for blueprint documents, business scenarios, and configuration and they are specific to projects and solutions?
A. True
B. False
Answer : B

18. In SAP Solman, which of the following is used to perform the changes?
A. Change and Transport System
B. Change Request Management
C. Quality Gate Management
D. All of the above
Answer : A

19. Which of the following processes in SAP Solman deals with importing enhancement and support packages, and implementing critical SAP Notes?
A. Incident Management
B. Business Process Operations
C. IT Task Management
D. Maintenance Management
Answer : D

20. Which of the following can be used to raise a change request in SAP Solman?
A. From Business Blueprint
B. From a Solution
C. From a Roadmap
D. From an Incident
E. A, B & C
F. All of these
Answer : F

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