Most recently SAP Solman Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf

11. Which of the following provides integration tool for SAP BASIS Administrators to manage underlying infrastructure and application and business processes?
A. SAP Business Warehouse BW
C. SAP Solution Manager
D. SAP Process Integration PI
Answer : C

12. Which of the following is not a project type under SAP Solman Project Administration?
A. Implementation Project
B. Development Project
C. Maintenance Project
D. Upgrade Project
E. Template Project
Answer : B

13. Which of the following Transaction code can be used to release a task?
A. SE03
B. SE05
C. SE07
D. SE09
Answer : D

14. Which of the following activities doesn’t require use of Work modes in SAP Solution Manager?
A. Maintenance
B. System Migration
C. Patch upgrades
D. Project Definition
E. Customizing Changes
Answer : D

15. Maintenance Mode is type of Business Work mode?
A. True
B. False
Answer : B

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