Objective AWS Architect Questions and Answers pdf

16. How is buffer used in Amazon web services?
Buffer is used to make the system more resilient to burst of traffic or load by synchronizing different components. The components always receive and process the requests in an unbalanced way. Buffer keeps the balance between different components and makes them work at the same speed to provide faster services.

17. What is the function of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud?
Amazon Elastic compute cloud also known as Amazon EC2 is an Amazon web service that provides scalable resources and makes the computing easier for developers. The main functions of Amazon EC2 are:
It provides easy configurable options and allow user to configure the capacity.
It provides the complete control of computing resources and let the user run the computing environment according to his requirements.
It provides a fast way to run the instances and quickly book the system hence reducing the overall time.
It provides scalability to the resources and changes its environment according to the requirement of the user.
It provides varieties of tools to the developers to build failure resilient applications.

18. What are the different components used in AWS?
The components that are used in AWS are:
Amazon S3: it is used to retrieve input data sets that are involved in making a cloud architecture and also used to store the output data sets that is the result of the input.
Amazon SQS: it is used for buffering requests that is received by the controller of the Amazon. It is the component that is used for communication between different controllers.
Amazon SimpleDB: it is used to store intermediate status log and the tasks that are performed by the user/
Amazon EC2: it is used to run a large distributed processing on the Hadoop cluster. It provides automatic parallelization and job scheduling.

19. Explain Stopping, Starting, and Terminating an Amazon EC2 instance?
Stopping and Starting an instance: When an instance is stopped, the instance performs a normal shutdown and then transitions to a stopped state. All of its Amazon EBS volumes remain attached, and you can start the instance again at a later time. You are not charged for additional instance hours while the instance is in a stopped state.
Terminating an instance: When an instance is terminated, the instance performs a normal shutdown, then the attached Amazon EBS volumes are deleted unless the volume’s deleteOnTermination attribute is set to false. The instance itself is also deleted, and you can’t start the instance again at a later time.

20. Explain what is S3?
S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. You can use S3 interface to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time and from anywhere on the web.  For S3, the payment model is “pay as you go”.

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