Objective SAP WEBI Questions and Answers pdf

1. Which of the following is not in main tabs in BI Launchpad?
A. Hom e
B. Docum ent
C. My Applications
D. My recently viewed docum ents
E. Options
Ans: E

2. You want to set a default Universe for Web Intelligence in BI Launchpad. Where you can put this option?
A. BI Launchpad ? Options ? Web Intelligence
B. BI Launchpad ? Preferences ? General
C. BI Launchpad ? Options ? General
D. BI Launchpad ? Preferences ? Web Intelligence
Ans: D

3. When you open an existing report in WebI, which of the below mode allows you to create new data provider, change an existing data source or rename a data provider and all tool options are disabled?
A. Data
B. Reading
C. Design
D. Write
Ans: A

4. While creating a new Webi report, which of the following only support no data or Universe from IDT as data source?
A. Rich Internet Application
B. WebI Rich Client
C. Web Interface
D. None of the above
Ans: C

5. Which of the following can be used to select result objects in a Webi document from a Universe as data source?
A. Inform ation Design T ool
B. Query Merge
C. Explorer
D. Query Panel
Ans: D

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