Questions on OpenEdge Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf

11) Explain what is SonicMQ?
SonicMQ offers connectivity to the internet and support for application servers and other industry servers. It provides an interface between OpenEdge ABL and messaging backbone.

12) Mention what are the tools that can be helpful in developing applications by OpenEdge ABL?
Various tools which can be helpful in developing applications are
•  Procedure Editor
•  Application Compiler
•  Debugger
•  Data Administration
•  OpenEdge development server
•  Open client toolkit
•  Data dictionary
•  Open client toolkit

13) What OpenEdge development server tool does?
OpenEdge server tool run and validate code for distributed applications on the development scaled Appserver, Transaction Server, Progress Web speed, OpenEdge RDBMS, and client networking.

14) What does OpenEdge debugger does?
OpenEdge debugger does
•  It validates applications quickly and thoroughly
•  Check the contents of buffers and variables
•  Trace processing events
•  Trace and correct errors in application logic or data handling in any OpenEdge application component
•  Trace processing events
•  Access state information

15) Explain how data dictionary can be helpful in OpenEdge ABL?
In OpenEdge ABL, data-dictionary
•  Maintain and create database definitions, application defaults, and business rules
•  Automatically uses data dictionary defaults with the ABL when you build new application components
•  It acts as a central storage mechanism for all database information to insulate you from specific details of each database type and location

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