Questions on SAP Solman choice Questions and Answers pdf

41. What is GPA user functions?
GPA user is required to create custom guided procedures. Using GPA user, you can perform -
Display Business partner queries
Access Technical Administration WC
Task Inbox
Maintain Guided Procedures

42. What are the different roles assigned to a GPA user?
Required Roles under GPA user -

43. What is the use of IT Task Planning User?
This user is required to perform single or periodic operation activities and to check the status of all the activities using GP log book.

44. What are the roles assigned to IT Task Planning user?
Required roles under IT Task Planning -

45. What is Change and Transport system in SAP Solman?
This allows you to distribute changes in ABAP and non ABAP objects. You use central Change and Transport system to perform the changes.

46. What are different functions that you can perform under Change Management Work Center?
This work center allows you to manage all the changes in the project and provides central access to all the tools.
Change and Transport System
This allows you to distribute changes in ABAP and non ABAP objects. You use central Change and Transport system to perform the changes.

Quality Gate Management
Quality gates allow to remove the lock on systems and change implementation is possible.

Change Request Management
It allows you to execute projects globally in Solman- includes planning, cost management and change management activities.

47. To create a Change request, what role should be assigned?
To create a change request, role SAP_CM_REQUESTER should be assigned.

48. What is a Change document and what are the different components of change document?
When a Change request is approved by Change Manager/ Person Responsible to validate and approve change, change document is created automatically in the system and the status of document is marked as being implemented.

A Change document structure consists of the following components:

Header Level
It is used to store general data like developer ID, reference object details, project name for which change is created, and other information.

Assignment Blocks
It contains the data required for processing of change request. This includes information about, processing log files, transport requests, details of project/solution, incident, and the information about the test management.

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