Realtime SAP Solman Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf

1. What is SAP Solman and why it is used?
SAP Solman is SAP product to provide a centralized, robust solution management product that allows you to manage technical support in distributed environment. It covers all key functions like solution deployment, IT Service Management, Business and Application Operations and continuous maintenance and improvement.
SAP Solman provides integration tools for SAP BASIS Administrators to manage underlying infrastructure and application and business processes. It reduces the amount of effort required to manage the centralized SAP and non-SAP systems.
In a distributed environment, SAP Solution Manager is managing system and SAP applications like- ECC, BI, and Customer Relationship module CRM and also covers the non-SAP system in solution life cycle.

2. What are the different releases of SAP Solman that you have worked on?
SAP Solution Manager is SAP Solman 7.2.
SAP Solution Manager 7.1 support Package Stack 14

3. What are the key features that are supported in SAP Solution Manager7.2?
New User Interfaces
New Release management
ITSM and Change Request Management
Adapt SAP HANA in your landscape
New Process Management
Enhanced Cloud Support

4. What are the different functions that you can perform using Solman?
SAP Solution Manager Operations
SAP Engagement and Service Delivery
Solution Implementation
Template Management
Test Management
Change Control Management
IT Service Management
Business processes Operations
Application Operations
Upgrade and Maintenance

5. What is the use of Centralized Administration Work Center?
This is used to manage central access to all functions for administrative tasks.

6. What is a work center in SAP Solman? What are different functions that you can perform using Work Center?
To perform role specific functions, you can use Work Centers in SAP Solution Manager. Work Centers are work environments that allows you to access role specific options. You can access different options like alerts, notifications, messages and reports as per the assigned role.

7. How can you open Work Center home screen in Solution Manager?
To run Work Center home screen, use T-Code: SOLMAN_WORKCENTER

8. Is it possible to start an individual work center by following Web Dynpro application directly?
Yes, you can also start an individual work center by following Web Dynpro application directly, to open the Incident Management work center, you can open URL -
http://< host >:< port >/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/ags_work_incident_man?sap-language=EN

9. Is it possible to assign multiple roles to one user in Solution Manager?
In SAP Solman, there can be one user with one or more roles assigned.
In SAP Solman, You can have a role with one or more Work Centers assigned.

10. What is the difference between using Transaction- SOLMAN_WORKCENTER and Work Center with Web Browser: Service AGS_WORKCENTER?
Below one opens SAP Solution Manager in a Web Browser.

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