SAP Solman Objective type Questions and Answers pdf

11. What are the different Project types you can implement in SAP Solman?
Implementation Project
Template Project
Optimization Project
Upgrade Project
Maintenance Project

12. When do you use Project type as Implementation project?
This is required when you need a project to implement business processes in an SAP landscape.
You can select an existing structure based on business processes or you can also create a new project structure as per the following points -
One or more user or partner templates
Based on an existing project
An existing solution landscape

13. What is the purpose of using Template Project?
This is used to create a template that defines the project structure or some part of your project. Templates can also be used in other projects using transporting the template. It is also possible to lock templates against the changes- either completely or partially when they are used in other projects.

14. What are different components under SAP Solution Manager Infrastructure?
SAP Solution manager consists of various infrastructure components- application management solution, and complete IT landscape. The solution discovers - technical monitoring and alerting infrastructure, system landscape information, integration of Solution Manager with SAP IT Infrastructure.

15. What are different advantages of using SAP Solman Infrastructure?
Integration between SAP Solman and IT infrastructure brings more advantages like -
You can directly access data from SAP Solution Manager regarding IT Service Management processes.
There is linking of Incident, Problem, and Change management to infrastructure information.
It provide enhanced monitoring information inside SAP Solution Manager.

16. In SAP Solman Technical monitoring, what are different monitoring options?
System Monitoring
Connection Monitoring
BI Monitoring
PI Monitoring
End-User-Experience monitoring

17. What is Landscape Management Database in SAP Solution Manager?
In SAP Solution Management infrastructure, you can use Landscape Management Database LMDBLMDB which is central landscape information repository and it uses the same information as the System Landscape Directory SLD to enter the system information.

18. Explain the integration between SLD and LMDB?
LMDB gets all the information from the System Landscape Directory SLD where all the system register itself. Most of the technical systems contains data suppliers that provides direct information to SLD for registration.
The LMDB receives SLD changes automatically when a change occurs, using polling by LMDB, or active change notifications by the SLD.

19. What are different functions of using Business Blueprint?
BluePrint Structure
Business Process Group
Associated Items
Business Scenarios
Blueprint document

20. Why do you use Work modes in SAP Solman?
You can use various work modes in SAP Solution Manager to perform the following activities -
System Migration
Patch upgrades
Customizing changes

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